Pope Resources has worked hard over many years to cultivate a reputation for honesty, fairness, and integrity. We are known for our stewardship of the land, respect for the communities in which we do business, and the straightforward transparency with which we communicate to the investment marketplace. Collectively, such actions and behaviors as these generate a public trust that we view as critical for us to maintain in support of our value-building enterprise. As one means of upholding that cultivated trust, we have set for ourselves high standards of ethical conduct.

We encourage current and potential investors – as well as other stakeholders in Pope – to view some of the key documents that support Pope Resources’ governance practices.

  • Audit Committee Charter
  • HR Committee Charter
  • Code of Conduct
  • Pope Resources Partnership Agreement
  • Shareholder Agreement
Committee Charters
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Governance Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationLimited Partnership Agreement
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationShareholder Agreement
Recent SEC Filings
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