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SEC/Sec. 16 Filings

ORASURE TECHNOLOGIES INC filed this Form 8-K on 08/08/2018
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demand from existing customers, favorable timing of orders and new customers that purchased our product.  We will continue to pursue these various international opportunities.

Operations Update – Steve Tang

Turning to operations, as a reminder from prior calls, over the past year or so we have focused much effort on balancing and expanding our production capacity.  We have made good progress not only here in Bethlehem, but also in Canada and at our Thailand supplier.  We are confident that we are making the changes needed to meet the future demand for our products.

Strategy Update

The final area I will address today is our recently completed long-term strategy review.  This review included an assessment of market trends and competition, an inventory of core capabilities and modeling of several potential business strategies.  This work was shared with and endorsed by our Board last month.  Today, I would like to share a few key themes from that work, with the caveat that some of our work must remain confidential due to competitive reasons.  

First, and most importantly, we see significant growth potential in our core molecular and infectious disease businesses.  Several marketplace trends, including the growth in consumer genomics, the high and growing interest in microbiome and systems biology, and the ongoing global focus and funding for the eradication of HIV and HCV, all signal opportunities for these businesses with appropriate investment.  The overarching principle underlying our strategy is to maximize the growth potential of our assets and core strengths.  We will achieve that by making both internal and external investments targeting the acquisition of other companies and technologies.  In our external business development activities, we may consider the acquisition of earlier stage entities that are serving less developed markets, in addition to more established revenue producing entities that would be accretive.  I expect the specific outcome of this updated strategy will become more evident in the coming months.  However, in the meantime I can share some future overarching themes with you now.


On the molecular side, our core saliva genomics business remains central to our overall molecular strategy and we intend to invest and grow this key business. We also intend to expand our



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