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Greg Trojan
President and CEO
Greg Levin
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary
Greg Lynds
Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Kevin Mayer
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Lon Ledwith
Executive Vice President of Operations
John Allegretto
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Brian Krakower
Chief Information Officer
Alex Puchner
SVP Brewing Operations
Kendra D. Miller
SVP & General Counsel
Ame Hull
SVP Operations Services
Christopher Pinsak
Senior Regional VP Operations
Robert DeLiema
President BJ's Restaurants Foundation
Jake Guild
VP Accounting and Corporate Controller
Steve Demetor
VP Construction
Jeff Preston
VP of Purchasing
Don Gardner
VP Restaurant Facilities
Scott Rodriguez
VP Culinary and Kitchen Innovation
Roger Ortiz
VP Restaurant Planning
Eric Berman
Regional VP Operations
David Youngberg
Regional VP Operations
Moe Robiglio
Regional VP Operations
Bob Salessi
Area VP Operations
Charles Seidenstucker
Area VP Operations
Mel Landuyt
Area VP Operations
Mike Langford
Area VP Operations
Mike Vinik
Area VP Operations
Julie Weinman
Area VP Operations