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Hanger completes five separate landmark studies in Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT) series

AUSTIN, Texas, April 8, 2019 – Hanger has completed and published five separate landmark studies in its Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT) series, which represents one of the largest national analyses of mobility among users of lower-limb prostheses. The series comprises a number of multicenter publications released by Hanger Clinic's Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs to clarify the concept of prosthetic mobility as it relates to such considerations as satisfaction, quality of life, comorbid health conditions, and prosthetic component choices.

"The MAAT series represents the field's first attempt at leveraging large convenience samples of patient-reported data to better understand the relationships between mobility and such variables as quality of life, satisfaction, comorbid health conditions, and component choices," stated Phil Stevens, MEd, CPO, FAAOP, a director with Hanger Clinic's Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs. "The series demonstrates the value of implementing outcome measures as a standard of care across multiple clinics and retrospective analyses of those findings."

The five studies include:

  • Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT I): Quality of life and satisfaction are strongly related to mobility for patients with a lower limb prosthesis

  • Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT II): ): The limited impact of comorbid health conditions on the mobility of lower limb prosthesis users

  • Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT III): Matching individuals based on comorbid health reveals improved function for above-knee prosthesis users with microprocessor knee technology

  • Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT IV): Classification tree analysis for probability of lower limb prosthesis user functional potential

  • Mobility Analysis of Amputees (MAAT V): Impact of five common prosthetic ankle-foot categories for individuals with diabetic/dysvascular amputation 

Details on each of the studies can be found here:

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