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Hanger Clinic brings first-of-its-kind 3D printed bionic arm to U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2019 – Hanger Clinic today announced it's the first U.S. prosthetics and orthotics patient care provider to bring U.K.-based Open Bionics' Hero Arm to America. The Hero Arm is a first-of-its-kind, 3D-printed myoelectric system developed for those with below elbow limb loss or limb difference. Designed for and fit on users as young as eight, the Hero Arm provides an affordable, lightweight, multi-grip prosthetic arm option.

"We're thrilled to be working with Hanger Clinic to deliver affordable multi-grip bionic hands to the limb-different community," shared Joel Gibbard, co-founder and Open Bionics CEO. "This is an exciting time for our company and after our success in the U.K. and France, we're very happy to expand our vision of affordable, advanced and high-quality prostheses to the U.S."

The first U.S. recipients of the Hero Arm are 14-year-old Hanger Clinic patient Meredith Gross, a high school freshman who was born missing part of her lower left arm, and 12-year-old Arath Valentine Ruiz. Gross, a competitive golfer and volleyball player, previously used sports-specific prostheses, but is now for the first time exploring the possibilities of using a multi-articulating arm for everyday tasks many take for granted, such as tying her shoes, riding a bike, and opening a bag of chips.

"The Hero Arm has opened up a whole new world for Meredith," said Jodi Gross, Meredith's mom. "She found success from the moment she put it on, and has been able to do things for the first time in her life. This device allows people like Meredith to own their differences with more confidence."

This is also the first time Valentine Ruiz has experienced using a multi-articulating arm, providing him with access to a whole new world of possibilities with the various grip patterns the technology provides. Specifically, Valentine Ruiz is now able to for the first time turn pages in a book without putting it down, use both a fork and knife at the same time while eating, and easily hold and open a water bottle.

"As the nation's leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic care, we at Hanger Clinic are continually looking for new and innovative methods of care and services to further the industry," shared Stephen Mandacina, CP, Hanger Clinic's Upper Limb Program National Director. "The Hero Arm from Open Bionics utilizes field advancements in multi-articulating hands, microprocessors and prosthetic design, and 3D printing technology to create a key breakthrough in upper limb prostheses that we are proud to bring to the U.S."

Hanger Clinic has partnered with Open Bionics to bring the technology to the U.S., making the Hero Arm available via Hanger Clinic locations nationwide, with consultation and fitting with Hanger Clinic's group of national upper limb specialists. For more information, visit or call 1-877-4HANGER.

About Hanger Clinic: Founded in 1861 by the first amputee of the Civil War, Hanger Clinic, a subsidiary of Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HNGR), owns and operates approximately 800 patient care clinics nationwide. The certified clinicians of Hanger Clinic provide patients with the latest in orthotic and prosthetic solutions, including microprocessor devices for those with limb loss and neuromuscular technologies for those with paralysis due to stroke, MS and other debilitating conditions. For more information on Hanger,, and for more information on Hanger Clinic, visit

About Open Bionics: Open Bionics was founded in 2014 by Joel Gibbard and Samantha Payne with the goal of developing affordable, assistive devices that enhance the human body. In other words, Open Bionics turns disabilities into superpowers. The UK bionics company is known globally for using 3D printing and 3D scanning, along with some clever software and design, to make advanced, affordable and accessible bionic limbs. In May 2018, the company released the Hero Arm, the world's first medically approved 3D-printed bionic arm, and the very first multi-grip bionic arm for children as young as eight years old. The Hero Arm is available now in prosthetic clinics in the USA, Europe and the UK. For more information on Open Bionics, visit


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