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Fox News National features Hanger Clinic athletes running half marathon
Seth Alexander (R) and Cameron
Clapp after completing the Oklahoma
City Memorial Half Marathon.

Oklahoma City, Okla., April 25, 2016 – recently featured two Hanger Clinic patients—triple amputee Cameron Clapp and double above-knee amputee Seth Alexander—preparing to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon together.

Clapp and Alexander chose to run the race as a way to thank their Hanger Clinic care providers, including Oklahoma City-based Hanger Clinic Manager Chad Simpson, CP. Both men also regularly attend the Hanger Clinic Annual Bilateral Boot Camp in Oklahoma City, where they serve as mentors to others living with limb loss.

This race was Clapp's fourth half marathon and Alexander's first. Both finished the half marathon with personal best times.

Fox News:

Several local Oklahoma City media outlets also covered Clapp and Alexander's marathon run. Following are some of the resulting news stories:

Cameron Clapp (L) and Seth
Alexander running the Oklahoma
City Memorial Half Marathon.

The Daily Oklahoman:



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