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Sports Illustrated Kids contest includes 9-year-old Hanger Clinic patient Ezra Frech

Los Angeles, Calif., October 9, 2014 – Nine-year-old Hanger Clinic patient and above-knee amputee Ezra Frech is a finalist for the Sports Illustrated Kids “SportsKid of the Year”, and voting is open now until October 13th:

Frech’s story can be viewed here, courtesy of Kids In the House.

About Ezra Frech: Nine-year-old Ezra Frech is an athletic little boy with an above-knee amputation. Born with a rare congenital disorder called FFU complex (femur-fibula-ulna), Frech underwent a challenging 14-hour surgery when he was just two-years-old to amputate his non-functioning leg and reconstruct his hand. Just weeks later, he was more than keeping up with kids his own age. With the help of custom-designed prosthetic devices by Hanger Clinic Area Clinic Manager Ryan Russell, CP, BOCO, Frech is able to do whatever activity he chooses, including sports. His favorite sports are basketball, soccer, football, swimming, skateboarding, and karate. Over the summer, Frech was the captain of his undefeated summer league basketball team, and is currently the starting quarterback for his school’s football team. 

About Hanger: Founded in 1861 by the first amputee of the Civil War, Hanger Clinic, a business unit of Hanger, Inc., owns and operates 760+ patient care clinics nationwide. The certified clinicians of Hanger provide patients with the latest in orthotic and prosthetic solutions, including microprocessor devices for those with limb loss and neuromuscular technologies for those with paralysis due to stroke, MS and other debilitating conditions. For more information on Hanger, visit, and for more information on Hanger Clinic, visit


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