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Oklahoma media reports on one-year-old amputee learning to walk with prosthetic leg from Hanger Clinic

Tulsa, Okla., December 17, 2012 – Recently, one-year-old Lincoln Mouser received his first prosthesis and began to learn how to walk with the new device. This is another step in Mouser’s journey – one that has included overcoming insurmountable odds.

Mouser was born at 23.5 weeks, weighing just over a pound. His twin sister, Abigail, died just days after their birth and Mouser’s prognosis was poor, with the odds heavily stacked against him. Mouser was soon diagnosed with Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), a condition that leads to abnormal blood flow between the aorta and pulmonary artery, two major blood vessels that carry blood from the heart. Surgery was needed to remedy the PDA; however, less than two weeks following the successful surgery, Mouser’s right leg became grayish in color. The doctors determined he was losing blood flow to his right leg and an amputation was necessary. Mouser was eventually transported via helicopter to a hospital more than 100 miles away for the surgery to amputate a portion of his right leg. At this time, Mouser was about a month old and was very ill; his prognosis again looked very bleak but the family was determined that he would again prevail, which he did. One-and-a-half years-old now, Mouser is inspiring others through his determination to learn to walk despite the obvious obstacles.

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based journalists were there as Mouser took his first steps:

KOKI-TV (FOX): "He's our little inspiration:" One-year-old learns to walk with prosthetic leg
KOTV-TV (CBS): One-year-old boy walks with help from Tulsa prosthetics clinic
KJRH-TV (NBC): Tulsa child walks with prosthetic leg for 1st time

About Lincoln Mouser’s prosthetic care: Lincoln is being cared for by Hanger Clinic Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist Scott Stromberg who has been serving the amputee community in Tulsa for more than 25 years. Stromberg has been involved with the care of numerous pediatric patients.

About Hanger: Founded in 1861 by the first amputee of the Civil War, Hanger Clinic, a business unit of Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HGR), owns and operates 12 patient care clinics in Oklahoma and 700+ nationwide. The certified clinicians of Hanger provide patients with the latest in orthotic and prosthetic solutions, including microprocessor devices for those with limb loss and neuromuscular technologies for those with paralysis due to stroke, MS and other debilitating conditions. After a six-month celebration of its 150th anniversary, on February 1, 2012 Hanger unveiled a comprehensive new brand identity to position the company for the future. The new brand includes renaming the parent company from Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. to “Hanger, Inc.”, and referring to the patient care business as “Hanger Clinic” (formerly Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics). For more information on Hanger and the new brand, visit, and follow us at and  


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