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1.Can anyone participate in the quarterly earnings conference call?
 Yes. Please refer to "Audio Archives" button on the left.

2.When does MEC's financial/fiscal year end?
 MEC's fiscal year is the calendar year so the last day of its fiscal year is December 31.

3.Where is MEC's Class A Subordinate Voting Stock traded?
 MEC's Class A shares are listed and traded on the Nasdaq Global Market (MECA) and on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MEC.A). As a result of MEC's reverse stock split announced in our July 3, 2008 press release, MEC's Class A Stock commenced trading on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol "MECAD" effective July 22, 2008 and will revert to "MECA" on Tuesday, August 19, 2008.

4.Who is MEC's Transfer Agent/Registrar?
 In the United States, Computershare Trust Company, Inc. is MEC's transfer agent. In Canada, Computershare Trust Company of Canada is MEC's Transfer Agent. Please refer to your Corporate Overview button for more Transfer Agent information. You can contact Computershare directly at www.computershare.com.

5.How do I request financial or other information from MEC?
 Please refer to the "Info Requests" button on the left or, to receive automatic alerts, please refer to the "E-mail Alerts" button on the left.

6.Why do I receive duplicate sets of material?
 You will receive material for every account you have (eg. shares held in your name and shares registered in the name of your broker or bank). You can help MEC save the expense of duplicate mailings by notifying your broker or bank not to send materials to you. You will receive materials directly as a registered shareholder.

7.Is MEC a Canadian company?
 MEC is a Delaware corporation. While our executive office is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, the Company is a U.S. corporation and the shares of our Class A Subordinate Voting Stock are securities of a U.S. corporation which trade on both the NASDAQ National Market and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

8.Does MEC pay dividends?
 Holders of Class A Subordinate Voting Stock and Class B Stock are each entitled to receive their proportionate share of any cash dividends declared by the MEC Board. Any such dividends will be declared in accordance with our corporate constitution, which sets out the minimum dividend entitlements of our stockholders, subject to applicable law. Since MEC has not declared any dividends during the time that our Class A Subordinate Voting Stock has been publicly traded, we do not currently have a dividend reinvestment plan or "DRIP."

9.As an MEC shareholder, can I receive free passes to MEC racetracks?
 The MEC Guest Card, providing complimentary general admission to MEC racetracks until May 31, 2009, has been offered for a sixth straight year to all MEC shareholders of record. Interested shareholders are invited to complete and submit a request form contained in the proxy material for MEC's May 6, 2008 Annual and Special Meeting in order to obtain their MEC Guest Card. The MEC Guest Card was offered to MEC shareholders for the first time in 2003 and the program is evaluated annually. If you were a shareholder as of the record date (March 10, 2008) for our 2008 Annual Meeting but did not request an MEC Guest Card, you may still do so by completing and submitting the request form found in the proxy material sent to you, or, if you no longer have that form, by providing proof of your MEC share ownership as of that record date. Please direct these requests to Laura O'Malley at 337 Magna Drive, Aurora, Ontario L4G 7K1 or by email to laura.omalley@magnaent.com.

10.I am a registered stockholder and I have received a Letter of Transmittal. What do I do with it?
  On July 3, 2008 MEC announced that its Board of Directors had approved a reverse stock split of MEC's Class A Subordinate Voting Stock ("Class A Stock") and Class B Stock, utilizing a 1:20 consolidation ratio. Registered stockholders of MEC will receive instructions by mail on how to obtain a new share certificate representing their consolidated Class A Stock. No action will need to be taken by stockholders who hold shares in "book entry" form. No fractional shares will be issued as a result of the consolidation. If the consolidation results in a registered stockholder having a fractional interest in less than a whole share, the registered shareholder will receive a cash payment for the value of that interest. Please refer to our press release issued on July 3, 2008 for further information.

11.What impact does the reverse stock split have on securities that are convertible into Class A Stock?
 The reverse stock split affects all shares of common stock, stock options and convertible securities of MEC outstanding prior to the effective time of the reverse stock split.