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SEC Filings

 filed this Form 8-K on 12/08/2017
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Section 2.08. NO SINKING FUND.

There shall be no sinking fund with respect to the Securities.


If and to the extent the Company defaults in a payment of interest on the Securities, the Company shall pay in cash the defaulted interest in any lawful manner plus, to the extent not prohibited by applicable statute or case law, interest on such defaulted interest at the rate provided in the Securities and in this Section 2.09. The Company may pay the defaulted interest (plus interest on such defaulted interest) to the persons who are Securityholders on a subsequent record date as provided in Section 3.05(c) of the Base Indenture.

The Company shall pay interest (including post-petition interest in any proceeding under any Bankruptcy Law) on overdue principal on the Securities at the rate equal to 1% per annum in excess of the then applicable interest rate on the Securities of that series to the extent lawful; it shall pay interest (including post-petition interest in any proceeding under any Bankruptcy Law) on overdue installments of interest (without regard to any applicable grace period) on the Securities of any series at the same rate to the extent lawful.


The Company in issuing the Securities may use one or more CUSIP and ISIN numbers, and, if so, the Trustee shall use the CUSIP and ISIN numbers in notices of repurchase or exchange as a convenience to Holders; provided, however, that no representation is hereby deemed to be made by the Trustee as to the correctness or accuracy of the CUSIP and ISIN numbers printed on the notice or on the Securities; provided further, that reliance may be placed only on the other identification numbers printed on the Securities, and the effectiveness of any such notice shall not be affected by any defect in, or omission of, such CUSIP and ISIN numbers. The Company shall promptly notify the Trustee of any change in the CUSIP and ISIN numbers.


The Securities shall initially be issued in the form of one of more Global Securities, and the provisions of the Base Indenture (including, but not limited to, Section 3.06 and Section 3.08) relating to Global Securities shall apply to the Securities.

Section 2.12. RANKING.

The indebtedness of the Company arising under or in connection with this Indenture and every outstanding Security issued under this Indenture from time to time constitutes and will constitute a senior unsecured obligation of the Company, ranking pari passu in right of payment with each other and with all other existing and future senior unsecured obligations of the Company. Unless the context otherwise requires, the 2023 Notes shall be considered collectively to be a single class for all purposes of this Indenture and the 2028 Notes shall be considered collectively to be a single class for all purposes of this Indenture, including without limitation waivers, amendments, redemptions and Change of Control Offers.


The Company may, from time to time, subject to compliance with any other applicable provisions of this Indenture, without the consent of the Holders, create and issue pursuant to this Indenture additional securities (“Additional Securities”) having terms and conditions identical to those of the Securities, except that Additional Securities:

(i) may have a different issue date from the Securities;

(ii) may have a different amount of interest payable on the first Interest Payment Date after issuance than is payable on other Securities; and



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