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SEC Filings

 filed this Form 424B2 on 12/06/2017
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Other Provisions

The holders of common stock have no preemptive, subscription or redemption rights and are not entitled to the benefit of any sinking fund. The shares of common stock presently outstanding are validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable.

We may not subdivide, combine, or pay or declare any stock dividend on, the outstanding shares of common stock unless all outstanding shares of common stock are subdivided or combined or the holders of common stock receive a proportionate dividend.

Restrictions on Ownership and Transfer

For us to comply with and have maximum business flexibility under the Federal Communications Laws (defined in our Certificate of Incorporation and including the Communications Act of 1934, as amended), and for us to qualify as a REIT under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), our Certificate of Incorporation contains restrictions on stock ownership and stock transfers. These ownership and transfer restrictions could delay, defer or prevent a transaction or a change in control that might involve a premium price for our common stock or otherwise be in the best interests of the stockholders.

Federal Communications Laws Restrictions. Our Certificate of Incorporation permits us to restrict the ownership or proposed ownership of shares of our stock if that ownership or proposed ownership (i) is or could be inconsistent with, or in violation of, Federal Communications Laws (as defined in our Certificate of Incorporation); (ii) limits or impairs, or could limit or impair, our business activities or proposed business activities under the Federal Communications Laws; or (iii) subjects or could subject us to CFIUS Review (as defined in our Certificate of Incorporation) or to any provision of the Federal Communications Laws, including those requiring any review, authorization or approval, to which we would not be subject but for that ownership or proposed ownership, including, without limitation, Section 310 of the Communications Act and regulations relating to foreign ownership, multiple ownership or cross-ownership (clauses (i) through (iii) above are collectively referred to as FCC Regulatory Limitations). We reserve the right to require any person to whom a FCC Regulatory Limitation may apply to promptly furnish to us such information (including, without limitation, information with respect to the citizenship, other ownership interests and affiliations) as we may request. If such person fails to furnish all of the information we request, or we conclude that such person’s ownership or proposed ownership of our stock, or the exercise by such person of any rights of stock ownership in connection with our stock, may result in a FCC Regulatory Limitation, we reserve the right to:



refuse to permit the transfer of shares of our common stock and/or preferred stock to such person;



to the fullest extent permitted by law, suspend those rights of stock ownership the exercise of which may cause the FCC Regulatory Limitation;



require the conversion of any or all shares of our preferred stock held by such person into a number of shares of our common stock of equivalent value;



redeem the shares of our common stock and/or our preferred stock held by such person pursuant to the procedures set forth below; and/or



exercise any and all appropriate remedies, at law or in equity, in any court of competent jurisdiction, against any such person, with a view toward obtaining the information or preventing or curing any situation that may cause a FCC Regulatory Limitation.

The following procedures apply to the redemption of such person’s shares of our common stock and/or preferred stock:



the redemption price of any redeemed shares of our common stock or preferred stock shall be the fair market value (as defined in our Certificate of Incorporation) of those shares;



the redemption price may be paid in cash or any other of our debt or equity securities or any combination thereof;




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