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SEC Filings

 filed this Form 424B2 on 12/06/2017
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Reference Treasury Dealer” means any of the primary U.S. Government securities dealers in New York City.


Reference Treasury Dealer Quotations” means, with respect to each Reference Treasury Dealer and any redemption date, the average, as determined by the Independent Investment Banker, of the bid and asked prices for the Comparable Treasury Issue (expressed in each case as a percentage of its principal amount) quoted in writing to the Independent Investment Banker at 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the third Business Day preceding such redemption date.


S&P” means Standard & Poor’s Rating Services, a division of S&P Global Inc., or any successor to the rating agency business thereof.


SpectraSite ABS Facility” means that certain mortgage loan more fully described in the Offering Memorandum dated March 6, 2013 regarding the $1,800.0 million Secured Tower Revenue Securities, Series 2013-1A and 2013-2A.


Stated Maturity” means, (1) with respect to any debt security, the date specified in such debt security as the fixed date on which the final installment of principal of such debt security is due and payable and (2) with respect to any scheduled installment of principal of or interest on any debt security, the date specified in such debt security as the fixed date on which such installment is due and payable.


Subsidiary” means, with respect to any Person, (1) any corporation, limited liability company, association or other business entity of which more than 50% of the voting power of the outstanding Voting Stock is owned, directly or indirectly, by such Person and one or more other Subsidiaries of such Person or (2) any partnership (A) the sole general partner or the managing general partner of which is such Person or a Subsidiary of such Person or (B) the only general partners of which are such Person or one or more Subsidiaries of such Person (or any combination thereof). The term “Subsidiary” with respect to us shall not include any Unrestricted Subsidiary.


Unrestricted Subsidiary” means (a) any Foreign Subsidiary or Newly Created Subsidiary of us that is designated by the Board of Directors as an Unrestricted Subsidiary until such time as the Board of Directors may designate it to be a Subsidiary, provided that no Default or Event of Default would occur or be existing following such designation, and (b) any subsidiary of an Unrestricted Subsidiary. Any such designation by the Board of Directors shall be evidenced to the trustee by filing a Board Resolution with the trustee giving effect to such designation. At the time of designation of an Unrestricted Subsidiary as a Subsidiary, such Subsidiary shall be deemed to incur outstanding Indebtedness and grant any existing Liens.


Voting Stock” of any Person as of any date means the Capital Stock of such Person that is normally entitled to vote in the election of the board of directors, managers or trustees of such Person.



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