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 filed this Form 424B2 on 12/06/2017
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trustee will be under no obligation to exercise any of its rights or powers under the indenture at the request of any holder of notes, unless such holder has offered to the trustee security and indemnity satisfactory to it against any loss, liability or expense.


Pursuant and subject to the Trust Indenture Act, the trustee will be permitted to engage in other transactions with us; however, if the trustee acquires any conflicting interest (as defined in the Trust Indenture Act), it would be required to eliminate such conflict within 90 days, apply to the SEC for permission to continue as trustee or resign. The trustee is also the trustee under the trust and servicing agreement related to our securitization transaction.


Governing Law


The indenture and the notes will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.


Book-Entry; Delivery and Form


We have obtained the information in this section concerning DTC, Clearstream Banking, société anonyme (“Clearstream”), and the Euroclear System (“Euroclear”) and their book-entry systems and procedures from sources that we believe to be reliable. We take no responsibility for an accurate portrayal of this information. In addition, the description of the clearing systems in this section reflects our understanding of the rules and procedures of DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear as they are currently in effect. Those systems could change their rules and procedures at any time.


The notes will initially be represented by one or more fully registered global notes. Each such global note will be deposited with, or on behalf of, DTC or any successor thereto and registered in the name of Cede & Co. (DTC’s nominee). You may hold your interests in the global notes in the United States through DTC, or in Europe through Clearstream or Euroclear, either as a participant in such systems or indirectly through organizations that are participants in such systems. Clearstream and Euroclear will hold interests in the global notes on behalf of their respective participating organizations or customers through customers’ securities accounts in Clearstream’s or Euroclear’s names on the books of their respective depositaries, which in turn will hold those positions in customers’ securities accounts in the depositaries’ names on the books of DTC. Citibank, N.A. will act as depositary for Clearstream and Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. will act as depositary for Euroclear.


So long as DTC or its nominee is the registered owner of the global securities representing the notes, DTC or such nominee will be considered the sole owner and holder of the notes for all purposes of the notes and the indenture. Except as provided below, owners of beneficial interests in the notes will not be entitled to have the notes registered in their names, will not receive or be entitled to receive physical delivery of the notes in definitive form and will not be considered the owners or holders of the notes under the indenture, including for purposes of receiving any reports delivered by us or the trustee pursuant to the indenture. Accordingly, each person owning a beneficial interest in a note must rely on the procedures of DTC or its nominee and, if such person is not a participant, on the procedures of the participant through which such person owns its interest, in order to exercise any rights of a holder of notes.


Unless and until we issue the notes in fully certificated, registered form under the limited circumstances described below under the heading “— Certificated Notes”:



you will not be entitled to receive a certificate representing your interest in the notes;



all references in this prospectus supplement to actions by holders will refer to actions taken by DTC upon instructions from its direct participants; and



all references in this prospectus supplement to payments and notices to holders will refer to payments and notices to DTC or Cede & Co., as the registered holder of the notes, for distribution to you in accordance with DTC procedures.



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