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 filed this Form 424B2 on 12/06/2017
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control event described in clause (3) of the definition of “Change of Control.” In its decision, the court noted that a board of directors may “approve” a dissident shareholder’s nominees solely for purposes of such an indenture, provided the board of directors determines in good faith that the election of the dissident nominees would not be materially adverse to the interests of the corporation or its stockholders (without taking into consideration the interests of the holders of debt securities in making this determination). See “Risk Factors—We may be unable to repay the notes when due or repurchase the notes when we are required to do so and holders may be unable to require us to repurchase their notes in certain circumstances.”


We will not be required to make a Change of Control Offer upon a Change of Control Triggering Event if a third party makes the Change of Control Offer in the manner, at the times and otherwise in compliance with the requirements set forth in the indenture applicable to a Change of Control Offer made by us and purchases all notes properly tendered and not withdrawn under the Change of Control Offer.


A Change of Control Offer may be made in advance of a Change of Control Triggering Event, and conditional upon the occurrence of such Change of Control Triggering Event, if a definitive agreement is in place for the Change of Control Triggering Event at the time of making the Change of Control Offer.


There can be no assurance that we will have sufficient funds available at the time of any Change of Control Triggering Event, and consummate a Change of Control Offer for all notes then outstanding, at a purchase price for 101% of their principal amount, plus accrued and unpaid interest to the Change of Control Payment Date. The indentures for our other outstanding indebtedness also provide for repurchase rights upon a change in control and, in some cases, certain other events under different terms. As a result, holders of our other indebtedness may have the ability to require us to repurchase their debt securities before the holders of the notes offered hereby would have such repurchase rights. In addition, a Change of Control (as described herein) and certain other change of control events may constitute an event of default under the 2013 Credit Facility and the 2014 Credit Facility. As a result, we may not be able to make any of the required payments on, or repurchases of, the notes without obtaining the consent of the lenders under the 2013 Credit Facility or the 2014 Credit Facility with respect to such payment or repurchase.




Limitations on liens


Under the indenture, we will not, and will not permit any of our Subsidiaries to, allow any Lien (other than Permitted Liens) on any of our or our Subsidiaries’ property or assets (which includes Capital Stock) securing Indebtedness, unless the Lien secures the notes equally and ratably with, or prior to, any other Indebtedness secured by such Lien, so long as such other Indebtedness is so secured.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may, and may permit any of our Subsidiaries to, incur Liens securing Indebtedness without equally and ratably securing the notes if, after giving effect to the incurrence of such Liens, the aggregate amount (without duplication) of the Indebtedness secured by Liens (other than Permitted Liens) on the property or assets (which includes Capital Stock) of us and our Subsidiaries shall not exceed the Permitted Amount at the time of the incurrence of such Liens (it being understood that Liens securing the SpectraSite ABS Facility shall be deemed to be incurred pursuant to this paragraph).




The trustee for the notes is U.S. Bank National Association, and we have initially appointed the trustee as the paying agent, registrar, and custodian with regard to the notes. Except during the continuance of an Event of Default, the trustee will perform only such duties as are specifically set forth in the indenture. During the existence of an Event of Default, the trustee will exercise such of the rights and powers vested in it under the indenture and use the same degree of care and skill in its exercise as a prudent person would exercise under the circumstances in the conduct of such person’s own affairs. The holders of a majority in principal amount of the then outstanding notes will have the right to direct the time, method and place of conducting any proceeding for exercising any remedy available to the trustee, subject to certain exceptions. Subject to these provisions, the



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