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SEC Filings

 filed this Form 10-Q on 10/31/2017
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Restrictions Under Loan Agreements Relating to Our Credit Facilities. The loan agreements for the 2013 Credit Facility, the 2014 Credit Facility and the Term Loan contain certain financial and operating covenants and other restrictions applicable to us and our subsidiaries that are not designated as unrestricted subsidiaries on a consolidated basis. These restrictions include limitations on additional debt, distributions and dividends, guaranties, sales of assets and liens. The loan agreements also contain covenants that establish financial tests with which we and our restricted subsidiaries must comply related to total leverage and senior secured leverage, as set forth in the table below. In the event that our debt ratings fall below investment grade, we must maintain an interest coverage ratio of Adjusted EBITDA to Interest Expense (each as defined in the applicable loan agreement) of at least 2.50:1.00. As of September 30, 2017, we were in compliance with each of these covenants.

Compliance Tests For The 12 Months Ended
September 30, 2017
($ in billions)
Ratio (1)
Additional Debt Capacity Under Covenants (2)
Capacity for Adjusted EBITDA Decrease Under Covenants (3)
Consolidated Total Leverage Ratio
Total Debt to Adjusted EBITDA
≤ 6.00:1.00
~ $5.2
~ $0.9
Consolidated Senior Secured Leverage Ratio
Senior Secured Debt to Adjusted EBITDA
≤ 3.00:1.00
~ $8.6 (4)
~ $2.9
Each component of the ratio as defined in the applicable loan agreement.
Assumes no change to Adjusted EBITDA.
Assumes no change to our debt levels.
Effectively, however, additional Senior Secured Debt under this ratio would be limited to the capacity under the Consolidated Total Leverage Ratio.

The loan agreements for our credit facilities also contain reporting and information covenants that require us to provide financial and operating information to the lenders within certain time periods. If we are unable to provide the required information on a timely basis, we would be in breach of these covenants.

Failure to comply with the financial maintenance tests and certain other covenants of the loan agreements for our credit facilities could not only prevent us from being able to borrow additional funds under these credit facilities, but may constitute a default under these credit facilities, which could result in, among other things, the amounts outstanding, including all accrued interest and unpaid fees, becoming immediately due and payable. If this were to occur, we may not have sufficient cash on hand to repay such indebtedness. The key factors affecting our ability to comply with the debt covenants described above are our financial performance relative to the financial maintenance tests defined in the loan agreements for these credit facilities and our ability to fund our debt service obligations. Based upon our current expectations, we believe our operating results during the next 12 months will be sufficient to comply with these covenants.

Restrictions Under Agreements Relating to the 2015 Securitization and the 2013 Securitization. The indenture and related supplemental indentures governing the American Tower Secured Revenue Notes, Series 2015-1, Class A (the “Series 2015-1 Notes”) and the American Tower Secured Revenue Notes, Series 2015-2, Class A (the “Series 2015-2 Notes,” and, together with the Series 2015-1 Notes, the “2015 Notes”) issued by GTP Acquisition Partners I, LLC (“GTP Acquisition Partners”) in a private securitization transaction in May 2015 (the “2015 Securitization”) and the loan agreement related to the securitization transaction completed in March 2013 (the “2013 Securitization”) include certain financial ratios and operating covenants and other restrictions customary for transactions subject to rated securitizations. Among other things, American Tower Asset Sub, LLC and American Tower Asset Sub II, LLC (together, the “AMT Asset Subs”) and GTP Acquisition Partners are prohibited from incurring other indebtedness for borrowed money or further encumbering their assets, subject to customary carve-outs for ordinary course trade payables and permitted encumbrances (as defined in the applicable agreement).
Under the agreements, amounts due will be paid from the cash flows generated by the assets securing the 2015 Notes or the assets securing the nonrecourse loan that secures the Secured Tower Revenue Securities, Series 2013-1A and Series 2013-2A issued in the 2013 Securitization (the “Loan”), as applicable, which must be deposited into certain


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