Annual Reports and Proxy Statements

For more than 30 years Ingram Micro has stood the test of time, building an ecosystem of valued resellers and manufacturers to become the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor and supply-chain services provider. You can view our electronic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the SEC Filings section. We recommend that you select the HTML version of the documents for easier reading. Please be advised that Ingram Micro documents may not be available immediately upon filing.

Year & DocumentHTMLPDFSize
2015 Annual Report382 KB
2016 Proxy Statement451 KB
Supplement to the 2016 annual
meeting proxy statement
19.4 KB
2014 Annual Report1.67 MB
2015 Proxy Statement1.01 MB
2013 Annual Report1.52 MB
2014 Proxy Statement254KB
2012 Annual Report720 KB
2011 Annual Report7.17MB
2010 Annual Report2.49MB
2009 Annual Report916KB
2008 Annual Report1.87MB
2008 Proxy Statement254KB
2007 Annual Report5MB
2007 Proxy Statement436KB
2006 Annual Report3.06MB
2006 Proxy Statement151KB
2005 Annual Report3.5MB
2005 Proxy Statement312KB
2004 Annual Report803K
2004 Proxy Statement499K
2003 Annual Report2.5MB
2003 Proxy Statement419K
2002 Annual Report15.3MB
2002 Proxy Statement132K
2001 Annual Report979K
2000 Annual Report2.2MB
1999 Annual Report2.3MB

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