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Biography PhotoJohn R. Ingram

Mr. Ingram is chairman of the Ingram Industries Inc. board of directors and also Chairman of Ingram Content Group, Inc., which includes Ingram Book Company, Lightning Source Inc. and Ingram Digital. He was vice chairman of Ingram Industries from June 1999 to April 2008. He was co-president of Ingram Industries from January 1996 to June 1999. Mr. Ingram was also president of Ingram Book Company from January 1995 to October 1996. Mr. Ingram served as Ingram Micro’s acting chief executive officer from May 1996 to August 1996 and held a variety of positions at the company from 1991 through 1994, including vice president of purchasing, vice president of management services at Ingram Micro Europe, and director of purchasing. Mr. Ingram is an experienced executive with Ingram Industries, and has valuable experience in digital services. Mr. Ingram’s history with Ingram Micro brings in-depth knowledge of the company that assists the Board in overseeing management and is important to the Board’s oversight of strategy, risk management and implementation of sound corporate governance practices.

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