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SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY Promotes Safety Awareness For Customers During Winter Months

PORT HURON, Mich., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- As the autumn leaves begin to make their final descent, cold weather is lurking just around the corner. SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY has some safety tips to consider:

* Call SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY or your local heating and cooling contractor today to have a thorough pre-season check of your natural gas heating system. If you would like the names of authorized SEMCOSelect dealers near you, call SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY at 1-800-624-2019.

* If you experience a power outage, don't use your range or oven as a space heater. There is a chance that carbon monoxide poisoning can occur from doing this. If you suspect the presence of carbon monoxide in your home, call SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY immediately at 1-800-624-2019.

* Do a routine check of gas lines connecting your appliances to your gas meter. While SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY maintains all the gas and service lines bringing natural gas service to your meter, you are responsible for the "customer owned" lines between your meter and your appliances. These include underground lines to your yard lights, pool and space heaters, garages, workshops and similar areas. Make it part of your routine to check these lines for leaks or corrosion. Signs of possible leaks include: blowing or hissing sounds, brown patches on or near right-of-way, bubbling water on a pond, creek or river, gas odor, dry spots in moist earth.

* Please watch where you blow or throw snow! When shoveling or blowing heavy snow, avoid piling it onto gas meters or pipes. The added weight could cause stress, which may lead to leaks. Also, in an emergency, quick access to a shut-off valve could be hindered due to built-up snow and ice.

SEMCO ENERGY GAS COMPANY distributes natural gas to more than 250,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Michigan. It is one of three subsidiaries of SEMCO ENERGY, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMGS).
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