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Corporate Info

Stock FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: SEMCO ENERGY is now a privately-held company. Shares of Company stock are no longer traded on any stock exchange. Former Shareholders of SEMCO ENERGY should contact Mellon Bank to redeem their Stock Certificates for the Common Stock Exchange Price.

Who do I contact to get copies of my stock records?
Annual and quarterly statements were mailed to shareholders whenever a transaction occurred in the account. Those statements contain information on any purchases that were made in the account. SEMCO ENERGY has limited information available to it for each individual account.

Who should I contact about redeeming/replacing my stock certificates?
You should have received information from Mellon Bank explaining how to exchange your stock certificates for the Common Stock exchange price. If you did not receive this information, contact Mellon Bank at 877-251-3492. If you are missing a Stock Certificate, contact Mellon Bank at 800-270-3449.

Can I buy stock under the new owners’ company name?
No. Cap Rock Holding Corporation is not a publicly-traded company.

Who should I contact if I am unable to cash a check issued by National City Bank?
If you are unable to cash a check issued by National City Bank, please contact SEMCO ENERGY at 800-225-7647 and a replacement check will be issued to you.

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