SEC Filings

AMAZON COM INC filed this Form 10-K on 01/30/2013
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Schedule 1.3

      Hard Personal Property

Schedule 1.4

      Leases and Licenses

Schedule 1.5

      Security Deposits

Schedule 1.6


Schedule 1.10

      Retained Liabilities

Schedule 5.1.3


Schedule 5.1.7

      Default under Leases or Licenses

Schedule 5.1.8

      Violations of Law

Schedule 8.5.8(i)

      Schedule of Seller’s and Purchaser’s Obligations

Schedule 8.5.8(ii)

      Schedule of Seller’s and Purchaser’s Obligations



Exhibit A

      Legal Description9

Exhibit A-1

      Purchase Price Calculation Provisions and Sample Calculations10

Exhibit B

      Rent Roll9

Exhibit C

      Form of Tenant Estoppel9

Exhibit C-1

      Form of Landlord Estoppel9

Exhibit D

      Form of Statutory Warranty Deed

Exhibit E

      Form of Bill of Sale

Exhibit F-1

      Form of Assignment and Assumption with respect to the Leases and Licenses

Exhibit F-2

      Form of Assignment and Assumption with respect to Contracts

Exhibit G

      Form of Certificate of Non-Foreign Status

Exhibit H

      Form of Tenant Notification Letter

Exhibit I

      Form of Effective Date Disclosure

Exhibit J

      Intentionally Omitted

Exhibit K

      Form of Closing Date Statement

Exhibit L

      Form of Limited Guaranty

Exhibit M

      Form of Post-Closing Obligations Guaranty10

Exhibit M-1

      Work to be Completed10

Exhibit N

      Form of Retail Lease10

Exhibit O

      Map of Other Phases9

Exhibit P

      Form of Assignment and Assumption of Purchase Agreement


*  The schedules and certain exhibits to the Form of Purchase and Sale Agreement have been omitted pursuant to Item 601(b)(2) of Regulation S-K because such schedules and exhibits do not contain information which is material to an investment decision or which is not otherwise disclosed in the relevant document. The Company hereby agrees to furnish supplementally a copy of any such omitted schedule or exhibit to the Securities and Exchange Commission upon request.
9  This term varied to reflect the specifics for the property covered by each respective agreement.
10  These provisions were not included in every agreement but only as applicable to property covered by a particular agreement.