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AMAZON COM INC filed this Form 10-K on 01/30/2013
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At December 31, 2012, we had $3.7 billion of debt, including the current portion, primarily consisting of fixed rate unsecured debt in three tranches: $750 million of 0.65% notes due in 2015; $1.0 billion of 1.20% notes due in 2017; and $1.3 billion of 2.50% notes due in 2022. The fair value of our debt will fluctuate with movements of interest rates, increasing in periods of declining rates of interest and declining in periods of increasing rates of interest. Based upon quoted market prices and Level 2 inputs, the fair value of our debt was $3.7 billion at December 31, 2012.

Foreign Exchange Risk

During 2012, net sales from our International segment accounted for 43% of our consolidated revenues. Net sales and related expenses generated from our international websites, as well as those relating to (which is included in our North America segment), are denominated in the functional currencies of the corresponding websites and primarily include Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan. The functional currency of our subsidiaries that either operate or support these websites is the same as the corresponding local currency. The results of operations of, and certain of our intercompany balances associated with, our internationally-focused websites are exposed to foreign exchange rate fluctuations. Upon consolidation, as exchange rates vary, net sales and other operating results may differ materially from expectations, and we may record significant gains or losses on the remeasurement of intercompany balances. For example, as a result of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates during 2012, International segment revenues decreased $853 million in comparison with the prior year.

We have foreign exchange risk related to foreign-denominated cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities (“foreign funds”). Based on the balance of foreign funds at December 31, 2012 of $5.1 billion, an assumed 5%, 10%, and 20% negative currency movement would result in fair value declines of $255 million, $515 million, and $1.0 billion. All investments are classified as “available for sale.” Fluctuations in fair value are recorded in “Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss),” a separate component of stockholders’ equity.

We have foreign exchange risk related to our intercompany balances denominated in various foreign currencies. Based on the intercompany balances at December 31, 2012, an assumed 5%, 10%, and 20% adverse change to foreign exchange would result in losses of $10 million, $20 million, and $40 million, recorded to “Other income (expense), net.”

See Item 7 of Part II, “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations—Results of Operations—Effect of Exchange Rates,” for additional information on the effect on reported results of changes in exchange rates.

Investment Risk

As of December 31, 2012, our recorded basis in equity investments was $140 million. These investments primarily relate to equity and cost method investments in private companies. We review our investments for impairment when events and circumstances indicate that the decline in fair value of such assets below the carrying value is other-than-temporary. Our analysis includes review of recent operating results and trends, recent sales/acquisitions of the investee securities, and other publicly available data. The current global economic climate provides additional uncertainty. Valuations of private companies are inherently more difficult due to the lack of readily available market data. As such, we believe that market sensitivities are not practicable.