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AMAZON COM INC filed this Form 10-K on 01/30/2013
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unspecified amount of damages, interest, and injunctive relief. We dispute the allegations of wrongdoing and intend to vigorously defend ourselves in this matter.

We cannot predict the impact (if any) that any of the matters described above may have on our business, results of operations, financial position, or cash flows. Because of the inherent uncertainties of such matters, including the early stage and lack of specific damage claims in many of them, we cannot estimate the range of possible losses from them (except as otherwise indicated).

See also “Note 11—Income Taxes.”


Preferred Stock

We have authorized 500 million shares of $0.01 par value Preferred Stock. No preferred stock was outstanding for any period presented.

Common Stock

Common shares outstanding plus shares underlying outstanding stock awards totaled 470 million, 468 million, and 465 million, at December 31, 2012, 2011, and 2010. These totals include all vested and unvested stock-based awards outstanding, including those awards we estimate will be forfeited.

Stock Repurchase Activity

In January 2010, our Board of Directors authorized the Company to repurchase up to $2.0 billion of our common stock with no fixed expiration. We have $763 million remaining under the $2.0 billion repurchase program.

Stock Award Plans

Employees vest in restricted stock unit awards over the corresponding service term, generally between two and five years.

Stock Award Activity

The following summarizes our restricted stock unit activity (in millions):


     Number of
    Weighted Average
Fair Value

Outstanding at January 1, 2010

     15.7      $ 66.75   

Units granted

     5.3        140.43   

Units vested

     (5.7     60.44   

Units forfeited

     (1.3     82.85   







Outstanding at December 31, 2010

     14.0      $ 95.86   







Units granted

     5.4        192.82   

Units vested

     (5.1     72.51   

Units forfeited

     (1.2     122.17   







Outstanding at December 31, 2011

     13.1      $ 142.54   







Units granted

     8.2        209.30   

Units vested

     (4.2     109.67   

Units forfeited

     (1.7     168.20   







Outstanding at December 31, 2012

     15.4      $ 184.29