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Sustainable Priorities

In 2008, we began journey from awareness to action in environmental sustainability. We've identified 6 Sustainable Priorities to help us address and reduce our impacts.

It is important that each effort we undertake reduces environmental dependencies and create business value.

Learn more about our progress by viewing our Accomplishments & Plans.
Energy/Carbon: Lighting, heating and cooling over 1,200 stores requires a lot of energy. We are continually working to increase our efficiencies every day.

Recycling: Recycling reduced the need for land filling and incineration, prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials and saves energy.

Waste: An opportunity to remove items from our waste stream reduces the number of hauls required from our stores, diverts unnecessary waste from landfills and reduces cost.
Water: PetSmart uses water to support the business in our fish systems, PetsHotels, grooming salons, and Banfield Vets.

Green Products & Partnerships: Internal and external partnerships provide a way to engage others to develop and realize the value of environmental sustainability.

Engagement: Through our environmental sustainability platform, Think Twice™, our goal is to create informative and engaging ways to illuminate, inspire and involve our associates, vendors and customers in our progress.