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Students Hit Four Million Reading Passages on Ticket to Read

DALLAS, July 25, 2008- This week, students achieved a new milestone and reached the four million passage mark on Voyager's reading technology platform, Ticket to Read. ™ Students enrolled in the new edition of Voyager's K-5 reading intervention program, Voyager Passport, ™ as well as the company's K-3 core reading program, Voyager Universal Literacy System ® have accessed the new technology component since October 2007.

During the school year, students continually lessened the time it took to reach each million passage mark. Students reached the first million passage mark on February 26, 2008. The two million mark was set seven weeks later on April 15, 2008; and the three million mark was hit five weeks and two days later on May 22, 2008. Currently, more than 1,000 students are logged on, at any given time, even during the summer months.

“While it took students a little longer to reach the four million mark than it did to reach the previous ones, it's impressive that it was met during the summer, when students are typically not in school,” said Ron Klausner , president of Voyager Expanded Learning. “It is a true testament to how engaging the program is for students and how much they enjoy reading, even when school isn't in session.”

Here are a few excerpts from letters and emails received from teachers and students.

  • We are using Ticket to Read this summer in SOAR and sent home the information to our parents about it. Oh my goodness! What a program. The students love it and parents love it!”

- Florida Teacher

  • “You have an excellent product that works better than most that I have seen during my 30 years of teaching.”

- Texas Teacher

  • “Your website is super cool I cannot stop once I start. I was never really into reading, but when I started to do this it made me love reading.”

-Ticket to Read Student

  • “I had not seen my students so excited about reading before they started with Ticket to Read. Since the beginning of the school year, my students have been responsible for reading so many minutes at night for homework. Students who usually did what they were supposed to had no problem, but my more reluctant to read students constantly lost points off of their homework for failure to read. Now, these same students jump at the opportunity to get on Ticket to Read to meet or exceed the reading goal. Thank you Ticket to Read, for helping some of my students find pleasure in reading.”

-Georgia Teacher

  • “Your website, is AWESOME.”

-Ticket to Read Student

  • “We can't tell you how much our kids love Ticket to Read. They beg to come in at recess and a few of them do it at home.”

- Oklahoma Teacher

Ticket to Read, is an easy-to-access and easy-to-use, online component ( ) designed to increase reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. The web-based technology uses a reward system that promotes reading practice at home and school, for all students, including struggling and on track readers. Students read high-interest passages at increasing levels of difficulty and take passage quizzes to demonstrate their understanding.

To request a free trial password for Ticket to Read, visit:

Voyager Expanded Learning

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