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Mean Recommendation: 3.0

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Analyst Forecasts - EPS*
 Last Month Revisions
Fiscal Period MeanHighLowMedian# of Estimates#Up#DownMean % Change
AnnualJan 203.264.312.843.14159110.34
AnnualJan 193.183.872.803.15271527.37
AnnualJan 182.932.972.832.9523640.11
QuarterlyJan 181.241.351.181.25241121.37
QuarterlyApr 180.430.560.380.4116906.79
QuarterlyJul 180.720.870.640.6916807.83
QuarterlyOct 180.710.890.420.72167010.46
Long Term Growth 4.606.003.204.602000.00
Actuals - EPS
  Reported EPSMean EstimateSurprise % Change
AnnualJan 173.042.933.77
AnnualJan 163.333.37-1.20
AnnualJan 153.723.76-0.95
QuarterlyOct 170.670.636.27
QuarterlyJul 170.650.642.07
QuarterlyApr 170.370.2832.96
QuarterlyJan 171.271.1510.12

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*The analysts’ ratings and forecasts shown on this page represent the views of investment firms that prepare and publish research on Nordstrom. Such analysts’ ratings and forecasts are derived from publicly available information and are posted for informational purposes only. The posting of this information is not an endorsement by Nordstrom of the accuracy or reasonableness of any of those ratings or forecasts, and does not represent any recommendation by Nordstrom with respect to any investment in Nordstrom shares or an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to purchase any Nordstrom shares.

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