Financials - Annual Balance Sheet

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Period Ended12/31/1412/31/1303/31/1303/31/1203/31/11
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Cash & Equivalents224.06167.5696.9683.6038.39
Short Term Investments407.10194.67124.39106.85162.93
Cash and Short Term Investments631.17362.23221.35190.45201.32
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Net151.55134.15124.6296.3822.97
Total Receivables, Net151.55134.15124.6296.3822.97
Inventories - Finished Goods15.4312.2316.1416.9711.13
Inventories - Work In Progress14.8215.5813.849.575.84
Inventories - Raw Materials21.1018.4113.5112.843.10
Inventories - Other----.00.38.36
Total Inventory51.3646.2243.4839.7620.43
Prepaid Expenses29.2927.5419.1312.578.24
Deferred Income Tax - Current Asset13.43--------
Other Current Assets, Total13.43--------
Total Current Assets876.79570.14408.59339.15252.96
Buildings - Gross--172.02165.23173.3881.57
Land / Improvements - Gross--8.448.368.89.30
Construction in Progress - Gross--26.6939.4044.7742.19
Other Property / Plant / Equipment - Gross--220.98197.74189.2662.66
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Gross--428.14410.73416.30186.73
Accumulated Depreciation, Total---153.65-122.29-113.31-91.71
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Net265.74274.49288.44303.0095.02
Goodwill, Net94.2192.7492.7492.74.00
Intangibles - Gross--640.60640.60689.00--
Accumulated Intangible Amortization---103.04-64.61-71.16--
Intangibles, Net479.41537.57575.99617.85--
LT Investments - Other170.4887.7682.8355.6993.41
Long Term Investments170.4887.7682.8355.6993.41
Other Long Term Assets34.6414.8921.7126.7911.06
Other Long Term Assets, Total34.6414.8921.7126.7911.06
Total Assets1,921.271,577.591,470.291,435.22452.45
Accounts Payable32.3419.4918.2818.409.27
Accrued Expenses88.9271.6858.6360.7535.67
Notes Payable / Short Term Debt.
Current Portion of Long Term Debt / Capital Leases6.756.756.753.10.00
Customer Advances2.572.972.276.913.12
Other Current liabilities, Total2.572.972.276.913.12
Total Current Liabilities130.58100.9085.9389.1648.06
Long Term Debt351.22357.54362.26441.36.00
Total Long Term Debt351.22357.54362.26441.36.00
Total Debt357.97364.29369.01444.46.00
Deferred Income Tax – Long Term Liability18.9229.1737.6034.51.00
Deferred Income Tax18.9229.1737.6034.51.00
Other Long Term Liabilities23.7224.7932.1316.3312.37
Other Liabilities, Total23.7224.7932.1316.3312.37
Total Liabilities524.44512.40517.92581.3760.43
Convertible Preferred Stock - Non Rdmbl--.00------
Preferred Stock - Non Redeemable, Net--.00------
Common Stock1.481.381.341.301.06
Common Stock, Total1.481.381.341.301.06
Additional Paid-In Capital1,942.881,553.341,458.861,380.74936.30
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)-512.34-482.27-499.92-524.91-411.23
Treasury Stock - Common-32.05-17.83-5.38-.57-131.10
Other Comprehensive Income-3.1410.57-2.52-2.71-3.01
Other Equity, Total-3.1410.57-2.52-2.71-3.01
Total Equity1,396.841,065.19952.37853.85392.02
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity1,921.271,577.591,470.291,435.22452.45
Shares Outstanding - Common Stock Primary Issue147.54137.79133.75130.1895.70
Shares Outstanding - Common Issue 2------.00.38
Total Common Shares Outstanding147.54137.79133.75130.1896.08
Treasury Shares - Common Stock Primary Issue1.
Treasury Shares - Common Issue 2------.00.00
Number of Common Shareholders--246.00256.00269.00306.00
Accumulated Intangible Amortization--103.0464.6171.16--
Deferred Revenue - Current2.572.972.276.913.12
Deferred Revenue - Long Term11.8012.218.877.584.84
Total Current Assets less Inventory825.44523.92365.11299.39232.54
Quick Ratio6.325.194.253.364.84
Current Ratio6.715.654.753.805.26
Net Debt-273.202.06147.66254.01-201.32
Tangible Book Value823.21434.88283.64143.27392.02
Tangible Book Value per Share5.583.
Total Long Term Debt, Supplemental--366.56371.63449.23--
Long Term Debt Maturing within 1 Year--6.756.753.10--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 2--6.756.753.10--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 3--65.816.753.10--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 4--3.0064.883.10--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 5--
Long Term Debt Maturing in 2-3 Years--72.5613.506.20--
Long Term Debt Maturing in 4-5 Years--6.0067.886.20--
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 6 & Beyond--281.25283.50433.73--
Total Operating Leases, Supplemental31.3030.4227.3533.4744.56
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 15.844.823.846.1913.26
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 25.144.954.073.776.06
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 35.304.283.974.073.73
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 45.394.453.473.973.89
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 55.424.513.653.473.70
Operating Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years10.449.238.047.849.79
Operating Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years10.818.967.127.447.59
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond4.227.418.3512.0013.92
Number of Patents----200.00200.0085.00
Number of Patent References (Other)--------11.00
Number of Products in Phase I----
Number of Products in Phase II--
Number of Products in Phase III--2.001.00----
Number of Products Launched----1.00----
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