Financials - Annual Balance Sheet

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Period Ended12/31/1512/31/1412/31/1303/31/1303/31/12
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Cash & Equivalents181.11224.06167.5696.9683.60
Short Term Investments353.67407.10194.67124.39106.85
Cash and Short Term Investments534.78631.17362.23221.35190.45
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Gross155.59--------
Provision for Doubtful Accounts-.10--------
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Net155.49151.55134.15124.6296.38
Total Receivables, Net155.49151.55134.15124.6296.38
Inventories - Finished Goods9.5415.4312.2316.1416.97
Inventories - Work In Progress12.4214.8215.5813.849.57
Inventories - Raw Materials16.4521.1018.4113.5112.84
Inventories - Other------.00.38
Total Inventory38.4151.3646.2243.4839.76
Prepaid Expenses26.2929.2927.5419.1312.57
Deferred Income Tax - Current Asset.0013.43------
Other Current Assets, Total.0013.43------
Total Current Assets754.96876.79570.14408.59339.15
Buildings - Gross153.39162.13172.02165.23173.38
Land / Improvements - Gross5.918.168.448.368.89
Construction in Progress - Gross51.5439.7726.6939.4044.77
Other Property / Plant / Equipment - Gross218.72225.83220.98197.74189.26
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Gross429.57435.90428.14410.73416.30
Accumulated Depreciation, Total-174.75-170.16-153.65-122.29-113.31
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Net254.82265.74274.49288.44303.00
Goodwill, Net92.8794.2192.7492.7492.74
Intangibles - Gross582.75640.60640.60640.60--
Accumulated Intangible Amortization-203.56-161.19-103.04-64.61--
Intangibles, Net379.19479.41537.57575.99617.85
LT Investments - Other264.07170.4887.7682.8355.69
Long Term Investments264.07170.4887.7682.8355.69
Defered Income Tax - Long Term Asset40.868.29------
Other Long Term Assets68.9824.1314.8921.7126.79
Other Long Term Assets, Total109.8332.4214.8921.7126.79
Total Assets1,855.741,919.061,577.591,470.291,435.22
Accounts Payable37.4032.3419.4918.2818.40
Accrued Expenses131.3388.9271.6858.6360.75
Notes Payable / Short Term Debt.
Current Portion of Long Term Debt / Capital Leases65.746.756.756.753.10
Customer Advances1.742.572.972.276.91
Other Current liabilities, Total1.742.572.972.276.91
Total Current Liabilities236.21130.58100.9085.9389.16
Long Term Debt284.21349.01357.54362.26441.36
Total Long Term Debt284.21349.01357.54362.26441.36
Total Debt349.94355.76364.29369.01444.46
Deferred Income Tax – Long Term Liability.4718.9229.1737.6034.51
Deferred Income Tax.4718.9229.1737.6034.51
Other Long Term Liabilities20.5923.7224.7932.1316.33
Other Liabilities, Total20.5923.7224.7932.1316.33
Total Liabilities541.47522.22512.40517.92581.37
Convertible Preferred Stock - Non Rdmbl----.00----
Preferred Stock - Non Redeemable, Net----.00----
Common Stock1.521.481.381.341.30
Common Stock, Total1.521.481.381.341.30
Additional Paid-In Capital2,114.711,942.881,553.341,458.861,380.74
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)-739.50-512.34-482.27-499.92-524.91
Treasury Stock - Common-58.66-32.05-17.83-5.38-.57
Other Comprehensive Income-3.80-3.1410.57-2.52-2.71
Other Equity, Total-3.80-3.1410.57-2.52-2.71
Total Equity1,314.281,396.841,065.19952.37853.85
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity1,855.741,919.061,577.591,470.291,435.22
Shares Outstanding - Common Stock Primary Issue150.70147.54137.79133.75130.18
Total Common Shares Outstanding150.70147.54137.79133.75130.18
Treasury Shares - Common Stock Primary Issue1.431.
Number of Common Shareholders170.00239.00246.00256.00269.00
Accumulated Intangible Amortization203.56161.19103.0464.61--
Deferred Revenue - Current1.742.572.972.276.91
Deferred Revenue - Long Term7.9811.8012.218.877.58
Total Current Assets less Inventory716.55825.44523.92365.11299.39
Quick Ratio3.036.325.194.253.36
Current Ratio3.206.715.654.753.80
Net Debt-184.83-275.412.06147.66254.01
Tangible Book Value842.22823.21434.88283.64143.27
Tangible Book Value per Share5.595.583.162.121.10
Total Long Term Debt, Supplemental353.06--366.56371.63449.23
Long Term Debt Maturing within 1 Year65.81--6.756.753.10
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 23.00--6.756.753.10
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 33.00--65.816.753.10
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 4281.25--3.0064.883.10
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 5.00--
Long Term Debt Maturing in 2-3 Years6.00--72.5613.506.20
Long Term Debt Maturing in 4-5 Years281.25--6.0067.886.20
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 6 & Beyond.00--281.25283.50433.73
Total Operating Leases, Supplemental26.87--30.4227.3533.47
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 15.71--4.823.846.19
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 25.90--4.954.073.77
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 35.73--4.283.974.07
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 45.41--4.453.473.97
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 53.19--4.513.653.47
Operating Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years11.63--
Operating Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years8.60--8.967.127.44
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond.93--7.418.3512.00
Number of Patents200.00200.00--200.00200.00
Number of Products in Phase I1.001.00--1.001.00
Number of Products in Phase II--
Number of Products in Phase III3.
Number of Products in Pre-Registration--1.00------
Number of Products Launched------1.00--
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