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Americans’ Well-Being Continues to Improve, According to New Data

April 2012 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index® Shows Increases in Emotional Health, Healthy Behaviors, Access to Basic Necessities and Life Evaluation

WASHINGTON & NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May. 16, 2012-- Americans' overall well-being reached 70.0 in April, a 20-month high, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index® (WBI). This increase was influenced by positive movement in the Emotional Health, Healthy Behaviors, Basic Access and Life Evaluation Indices.

The Emotional Health Index, a composite of Americans' daily experiences, jumped to 79.9, the highest score recorded since the inception of the WBI in 2008. This increase was driven in part by the percentage of Americans who "experienced enjoyment a lot of the day yesterday" (85.6 percent).

The Basic Access Index, which measures consumer access to basic necessities, improved to 82.6, its highest point since July 2010. This was fueled by an increase in the percentage of Americans stating that their "city or area was getting better" (58.7 percent) and those who reported "feeling safe walking alone at night" (72.3 percent).

"It's promising to see the overall well-being of America continue to improve," said Ben R. Leedle Jr., Healthways president and CEO. "These results underscore the need for America to focus its energy and resources on the many areas of well-being to improve the overall health of its people, which in turn will boost productivity and curb healthcare costs."

Other key findings:

  • The Life Evaluation Index, measuring how Americans rate their current life and anticipated future life situations, increased to 50.4, its highest score since 2011. This improvement was driven in part by an increase in the percentage of Americans who were thriving, which rose from 53.3 in March to 53.7 in April.
  • The Healthy Behavior Index, measuring lifestyle habits, rose to 64.9, up 3.9 points since December. The percentage of Americans who exercised 30 minutes at least three days in the last week increased from 53.3 in March to 53.9 in April, while 58.4 percent of Americans ate at least five servings of fruits and vegetables four times in the last week. This was an increase of more than one percentage point since March.
  • The Physical Health Index, analyzing the nation's physical health, essentially remained flat with a score of 76.8 compared to 76.7 in March.
  • The Work Environment Index, which measures workers' job satisfaction among other things, declined to 47.5 from last month's score of 48.5.

To download the full April report, click here.

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