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BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 06/21/2018
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multiples for terminations associated with a change-in-control to provide additional reasonable protections and benefits to the executive officers to align their interests with those of stockholders in transactions where their future employment may be at risk. Our prior severance policy (the “2014 Severance Policy”) permitted certain “single-trigger” benefits upon a change-in-control, paid a multiple of the participant’s target annual bonus upon terminations not in connection with a change-in-control, and resulted in full vesting of unvested equity and cash incentive awards upon termination. As amended effective June 12, 2017, change-in-control termination payments under the Severance Policy are now based on a “double trigger” requiring both the completion of a change-in-control transaction as well as an involuntary termination without “Cause” as defined in the Severance Policy to ensure such amounts will not be paid when employment continues or the individual elects to resign voluntarily. The Compensation Committee believes that providing these multiples for change-in-control terminations for up to a two-year period after a change in control (as defined below) occurs will provide for the executive officers’ commitment to the Company or its potential acquirer through a change-in-control event, resulting in a continuity of leadership and preserving the stockholders’ interests before and after a transaction.
No officer of the Company, including Mr. Baliff, has any right to receive any tax gross-up payment for golden parachute excise tax liability.
Any management incentive eligible employee whose employment is terminated without cause may be eligible to receive certain severance payments and benefits pursuant to the terms of the Severance Policy. The Severance Policy divides employees of the Company into five tiers with varying terms and benefits, including severance payments, bonus payments, vesting of awards under the LTIP, payments following a change in control of our Company, provision of COBRA insurance coverage and payments for outplacement services, subject to a release of any claims against the Company and its affiliates by the employee. The Severance Policy, as amended on June 12, 2017 reduces the cash severance payment to exclude from severance paid not in connection with a change-in-control any multiples of the participant’s target bonus and provides for forfeiture of the participant’s unvested equity and cash incentive awards granted on or after June 12, 2017.
Upon a termination without cause that is not in connection with a change in control of our Company, the Severance Policy provides our NEOs with a prorated target annual bonus and cash severance equal to one times or two times the NEO’s base salary, accelerated vesting and payment of outstanding equity and cash incentive awards under the LTIP made prior to June 12, 2017, a cash amount equal to COBRA premiums for 18 months and outplacement services for 12 months.
If a NEO is terminated in connection with a change in control of our Company or within two years after such a change in control, the Severance Policy provides for the same payments and benefits described in the foregoing sentence except that the cash severance is equal to three times the sum of such NEO’s base salary and the highest annual bonus paid to such NEO during the past three years. For outstanding equity and cash incentive awards under the LTIP made on or after June 12, 2017, the Severance Policy defers to the terms of such awards which, pursuant to the redesign of our executive compensation program, are subject to a double trigger and will vest upon the earlier of the termination date of such NEO or the originally scheduled vesting date for such awards.
The Severance Policy is intended to harmonize bonus and equity for all employees of the Company and to improve clarity for such employees with respect to their severance benefits.
Other Benefits
Executive officers are eligible to participate, with other employees, in various employee benefit plans, including paid time off, medical, dental and disability insurance plans and a 401(k) plan. The Compensation Committee exercises no discretion over this participation.
Executive Compensation Program Governance
Participants in the Compensation-Setting Process
Compensation Committee
Our executive compensation program is overseen by the Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee has established an annual process for reviewing and establishing executive compensation levels. Annual base salaries are typically reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, in June of each year. The annual incentive cash compensation plan performance goals are approved in May or June of each year. Determination of achievement of these goals, approval of bonuses under the annual incentive cash compensation plan for the prior year and granting of long-term incentive awards normally takes place in June after the Company files its fiscal year-end financial statements. Occasionally, long-term incentive awards are granted at other times of the year when appropriate for new employees or as special recognition of performance or as retention awards.

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