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SEC Filings

BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 06/21/2018
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Our Board currently consists of ten directors. The term of office of all of our present directors will expire no later than the day of the Annual Meeting upon the election of their successors. In light of Mr. Masters’s decision not to stand for reelection to our Board, our Board adopted a resolution fixing the size of our Board at nine directors, effective upon the completion of Mr. Masters’s term on the day of the Annual Meeting. Our Board has fixed the number of directors to be elected at the Annual Meeting at nine. The directors elected at the Annual Meeting will serve until their respective successors are elected and qualified or until their earlier death, resignation or removal.

Unless authority to do so is withheld by the stockholder, each proxy executed and returned by a stockholder will be voted for the election of the nominees hereinafter named. Directors having beneficial ownership derived from presently existing voting power of approximately 1.9% of our common stock as of the Record Date have indicated that they intend to vote for the election of each of the nominees named below. If any nominee withdraws or for any reason is unable to serve as a director, the persons named in the accompanying proxy either will vote for such other person as our Board may nominate or, if our Board does not so nominate such other person, will not vote for anyone to replace the nominee. Except as described below, our management knows of no reason that would cause any nominee hereinafter named to be unable to serve as a director or to refuse to accept nomination or election.

Pursuant to our bylaws, in an Uncontested Election, the nominees for director receiving more votes cast for than against his or her election or re-election will be elected. In the event a nominee fails to receive more votes cast for than against his or her election or re-election, our Board will take action within 90 days of the stockholder vote to either accept or reject the letter of resignation submitted by such nominee. Our Board will promptly and publicly disclose its decision regarding whether or not to accept such nominee’s resignation letter. In a Contested Election (as defined in our bylaws), the nominees for director receiving a plurality of the votes cast will be elected. The proxyholder named in the accompanying proxy card will vote FOR each of the nominees named herein unless otherwise directed therein. In Contested Elections and Uncontested Elections, abstentions and instructions to withhold authority to vote for one or more of the nominees and broker nonvotes will result in those nominees receiving fewer votes but will not count as votes AGAINST a nominee.

Our Board recommends that stockholders vote FOR the election to our Board of each of the nominees named below.
Information Concerning Nominees
Our present Board proposes for election the following nine nominees for director. Each of the nominees named below is currently a director of the Company and each, with the exception of Mr. Banister, was elected at the Annual Meeting held on August 2, 2017. Mr. Banister was recommended to our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee by a third-party search firm. Mr. Banister was appointed to our Board and our Compensation Committee effective October 1, 2017 following an extensive interview and screening process involving a number of qualified candidates, and taking into account, among other things, stockholders’ interest in adding directors with significant corporate executive and international business experience. All nominees for director are nominated to serve one-year terms until the Annual Meeting in 2019 and until their respective successors are elected and qualified, or until their earlier resignation, removal from office, or death.

We have provided information below about our nominees, including their age, citizenship and business experience during the past five years, including service on other boards of directors. Our Board considered overboarding concerns that were previously raised by an advisory firm concerning Mr. King, an independent member of our Board who currently serves as finance director for Caledonia while at the same time serving as a member of two other public company boards. After thorough review, our Board did not find that Mr. King’s executive duties combined with his other board memberships in any way diminished his ability to commit the requisite amount of time and energy to Board and Company matters. Mr. King was originally designated by Caledonia for election to our Board in 2011, and his service on the boards of Caledonia and TT Electronics are considered by Caledonia to form part of his executive responsibilities. Ultimately, the Board concluded that the Board and management continue to benefit significantly from Mr. King’s experience on other public company boards as well as his accounting and financial expertise and recommend that stockholders vote for his re-election to our Board.

We have also included information about each nominee’s specific attributes, experience or skills that led our Board to conclude that he or she should serve as a director on our Board in light of our business and structure. Unless we specifically note below, no corporation or organization referred to below is a subsidiary or other affiliate of Bristow Group Inc.

BRISTOW GROUP INC.2018 Proxy Statement – 12