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SEC Filings

BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 06/21/2018
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employee directors will resign from our Board when they retire, resign or otherwise cease to be employed by the Company;
a non-employee director who retires or changes his or her principal job responsibilities will offer to resign from our Board and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board will assess the situation and recommend to the full Board whether to accept the resignation; and
a director who joins or resigns from the board of directors of another public company, or otherwise changes roles or committees on such board of directors, is not required to offer to resign from our Board, but any such director must notify and consult with our General Counsel prior to joining another public company’s board of directors or audit committee.
Under our bylaws, the Board shall nominate only those candidates for election or re-election to our Board who have submitted an irrevocable letter of resignation which would be effective upon and only in the event that (i) in an Uncontested Election (as defined in our bylaws) such nominee fails to receive more votes cast for than against his or her election or re-election and (ii) the Board accepts this resignation following such failure.
Executive Sessions
The Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines provide that at each regularly scheduled meeting, the Company’s non-management directors shall meet in executive session without any management participation. In addition, if any of the non-management directors are not independent under the applicable rules of the NYSE, then independent directors will meet separately at least once a year. Normally, the Chairman of our Board will preside at executive sessions, but, if the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are combined, the non-management directors will select another director to serve as Lead Director to preside at such sessions. If an additional meeting of independent non-management directors is necessary, and the Chairman of our Board is not independent, then one of the independent non-management directors will be selected as Lead Director to preside at that meeting.
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Our Board has adopted a Code of Business Integrity for directors and employees (our “Code”). Our Code applies to all directors and employees, including the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer, and all senior financial officers. Our Code covers topics including, but not limited to, conflicts of interest, insider trading, competition and fair dealing, discrimination and harassment, international trade regulations, confidentiality, compliance procedures and employee complaint procedures. Our Board periodically reviews and revises our Code, as it deems appropriate. Our Code is posted on our website,, under the “About Us—Vision, Mission, Values—Code of Business Integrity” caption.
The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee will review any issues under our Code involving an executive officer or director and will report its findings to the full Board. Only in special circumstances will our Board consider granting a waiver to any provision of our Code, and any waiver will be promptly disclosed.
Director Selection
Our Board has adopted criteria for the selection of directors that describe the qualifications the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee must evaluate and consider with respect to director candidates. Such criteria include the following:
•    Experience serving as chief executive officer or other senior corporate executive,
•    International business experience,
•    Government relations experience,
•    Energy or oilfield service company experience,
•    Aviation or logistics management experience, and
•    Finance, accounting, legal or banking experience.

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