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SEC Filings

BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form 8-K on 04/23/2018
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THIS AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is dated 17 April 2018 and made between:


(1) BRISTOW GROUP INC. (the “Parent”);


(2) THE COMPANIES listed in Schedule 1, Part 1 (The Original Parties) as original borrowers (the “Original Borrowers”);


(3) THE COMPANIES listed in Schedule 1, Part 1 (The Original Parties) as original guarantors (together with the Parent, the “Original Guarantors”);


(4) BARCLAYS BANK PLC and CREDIT SUISSE AG, CAYMAN ISLANDS BRANCH (the “Arrangers” and “Bookrunners”);


(5) THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS listed in Schedule 1, Part 2 (The Original Lenders) as lenders (the “Original Lenders”);


(6) BARCLAYS BANK PLC as agent of the other Finance Parties (the “Agent”);


(7) BARCLAYS BANK PLC as security trustee for the Secured Parties (the “Security Agent”);


(8) BARCLAYS BANK PLC (the “Original Issuing Bank”); and


(9) BARCLAYS BANK PLC as swingline lender (the “Swingline Lender”).

IT IS AGREED as follows:






1.1 Definitions

In this Agreement:

“ABR” means, in relation to any Loan denominated in US dollars, the higher of:


  (a) the rate of interest last quoted by The Wall Street Journal as the “Prime Rate” in the US;


  (b) US federal funds effective rate from time to time plus 0.50 percent; and


  (c) LIBOR for a one month interest period (to be initially determined two Business Days prior to the requested Utilisation) plus 1.00 percent,

in each case changing as and when the applicable rate changes;

“ABR Rate Loan” means a Loan, requested to be made as an ABR Rate Loan in the relevant Utilisation Request;



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