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SEC Filings

BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form 8-K on 04/23/2018
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except that no such charge, assignment or Security shall:


  (i) release a Lender from any of its obligations under the Finance Documents or substitute the beneficiary of the relevant charge, assignment or Security for the Lender as a party to any of the Finance Documents; or


  (ii) require any payments to be made by an Obligor other than or in excess of, or grant to any person any more extensive rights than those required to be made or granted to the relevant Lender under the Finance Documents.


29.9 Pro rata interest settlement


  (a) If the Agent has notified the Lenders that it is able to distribute interest payments on a “pro rata basis” to Existing Lenders and New Lenders then (in respect of any transfer pursuant to Clause 29.5 or any assignment pursuant to Clause 29.6 the Transfer Date of which, in each case, is after the date of such notification and is not on the last day of an Interest Period):


  (i) any interest or fees in respect of the relevant participation which are expressed to accrue by reference to the lapse of time shall continue to accrue in favour of the Existing Lender up to but excluding the Transfer Date (“Accrued Amounts”) and shall become due and payable to the Existing Lender (without further interest accruing on them) on the last day of the current Interest Period (or, if the Interest Period is longer than six Months, on the next of the dates which falls at six Monthly intervals after the first day of that Interest Period); and


  (ii) the rights assigned or transferred by the Existing Lender will not include the right to the Accrued Amounts so that, for the avoidance of doubt:


  (A) when the Accrued Amounts become payable, those Accrued Amounts will be payable for the account of the Existing Lender; and


  (B) the amount payable to the New Lender on that date will be the amount which would, but for the application of this Clause 29.9, have been payable to it on that date, but after deduction of the Accrued Amounts.


  (b) In this Clause 29.9 references to “Interest Period” shall be construed to include a reference to any other period for accrual of fees.


  (c) An Existing Lender which retains the right to the Accrued Amounts pursuant to this Clause 29.9 but which does not have a Revolving Facility Commitment shall be deemed not to be a Lender for the purposes of ascertaining whether the agreement of any specified group of Lenders has been obtained to approve any request for a consent, waiver, amendment or other vote of Lenders under the Finance Documents.



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