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SEC Filings

BRISTOW GROUP INC filed this Form 8-K on 04/23/2018
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  (b) deducting the amount of any Capital Expenditure actually made in cash during that Relevant Period by the Parent and any Restricted Subsidiary except (in each case) to the extent funded from or offset or subsequently refinanced, reimbursed or compensated by the proceeds of:


  (i) any Indebtedness;


  (ii) any issuance of shares or other securities;


  (iii) insurances;


  (iv) asset sales, or


  (v) cash recoveries from litigation or settlements of litigation or other disputes;

and so that no amount shall be added (or deducted) more than once.

“Debt Service” means, in respect of any Relevant Period, the aggregate of:


  (a) Consolidated Interest Expense for that Relevant Period;


  (b) all scheduled repayments of Indebtedness falling due during that Relevant Period and paid in cash in the Relevant Period but excluding:


  (i) any amounts falling due under any overdraft or revolving facility (including the Revolving Facility) and which were available for simultaneous redrawing according to the terms of that facility;


  (ii) any such obligations owed to any member of the Group;


  (iii) any prepayment of Indebtedness existing on the date of this Agreement which is required to be repaid under the terms of this Agreement; and


  (iv) any mandatory prepayment of Indebtedness; and


  (c) the amount of any cash dividends paid by the Parent in respect of that Relevant Period,

and so that no amount shall be included more than once.

Finance Lease” means any lease or hire purchase contract, a liability under which would in accordance with the Accounting Principles in effect as December 31, 2017 be required to be treated as a balance sheet liability.

“Financial Quarter” means the period commencing on the day after one Quarter Date and ending on the next Quarter Date.

“Financial Year” means the annual accounting period of the Parent ending on, as of the date of this Agreement, 31 March in each year.

“Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio” means the ratio of Cashflow to Debt Service in respect of any Relevant Period of the Parent and its Restricted Subsidaries on a consoldiated basis.

“Quarter Date” means the last day of each quarter of a Financial Year of the Parent, being as of the date of this Agreement, each of 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.



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