Fundamentals - Annual Income Statement

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Period Ended12/31/1612/31/1512/31/1412/31/1312/31/12
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Net Sales600.91548.31513.24480.99465.08
Revenue (Net)600.91548.31513.24480.99465.08
Total Revenue600.91548.31513.24480.99465.08
Cost of Revenue18.5217.1718.9519.0021.30
Cost of Revenue, Total18.5217.1718.9519.0021.30
Gross Profit582.39531.14494.29462.00443.78
Selling / General / Administrative Expense146.52127.24130.19126.93113.83
Labor & Related Expense400.63369.84337.45319.50309.50
Selling / General / Administrative Expenses, Total547.16497.08467.64446.43423.33
Restructuring Charge------.00.81
Impairment-Assets Held for Use--------.00
Unusual Expense (Income)------.00.81
Other Operating Expense--------.00
Other, Net--------.00
Other Operating Expenses, Total--------.00
Total Operating Expense565.67514.25486.59465.43445.44
Operating Income35.2334.0626.6515.5719.64
Interest Income (Expense), Net Non-Operating.24-.12-.36-.181.12
Interest Income (Expense), Net-Non-Operating, Total.24-.12-.36-.181.12
Other Non-Operating Income (Expense)2.29-2.39-2.11-2.00-.50
Other, Net2.29-2.39-2.11-2.00-.50
Net Income Before Taxes37.7731.5524.1913.3920.26
Provision for Income Taxes22.3514.4217.397.0414.02
Net Income After Taxes15.4117.136.806.356.24
Net Income Before Extraordinary Items15.4117.136.806.356.24
Net Income15.4117.136.806.356.24
Income Available to Common Excluding Extraordinary Items15.4117.136.806.356.24
Income Available to Common Stocks Including Extraordinary Items15.4117.136.806.356.24
Basic Weighted Average Shares18.5418.3318.2118.0817.97
Basic EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items.
Basic EPS Including Extraordinary Items.
Dilution Adjustment----.00.00--
Diluted Net Income15.4117.136.806.356.24
Diluted Weighted Average Shares19.0418.7218.4318.2318.12
Diluted EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items.
Diluted EPS Including Extraordinary Items.
DPS - Common Stock Primary Issue.
Gross Dividends - Common Stock9.679.559.489.429.36
Stock-Based Compensation, Supplemental6.395.073.583.754.20
Depreciation, Supplemental9.408.809.8110.4810.20
Total Special Items------.00.81
Normalized Income Before Taxes37.7731.5524.1913.3921.07
Effect of Special Items on Income Taxes------.00.28
Income Taxes Excluding Impact of Special Items22.3514.4217.397.0414.31
Normalized Income After Taxes15.4117.136.806.356.77
Normalized Income Available to Common15.4117.136.806.356.77
Basic Normalized EPS.
Diluted Normalized EPS.
Amortization of Intangibles, Supplemental7.104.905.505.80.60
Rental Expense, Supplemental30.8022.3024.1027.1028.10
Audit Fees3.002.402.212.182.30
Audit-Related Fees.
Tax Fees.
All Other Fees.
Gross Margin96.9296.8796.3196.0595.42
Operating Margin5.866.
Pretax Margin6.285.754.712.784.36
Effective Tax Rate59.1945.7171.9052.5969.20
Net Profit Margin2.563.121.321.321.34
Normalized EBIT35.2334.0626.6515.5720.45
Normalized EBITDA51.7347.7641.9731.8431.25
Current Tax - Domestic12.268.6011.006.954.29
Current Tax - Foreign5.674.912.541.435.28
Current Tax - Local3.221.703.142.582.39
Current Tax - Total21.1515.2116.6810.9611.96
Deferred Tax - Domestic.73-1.55-2.85----
Deferred Tax - Foreign.85.953.80----
Deferred Tax - Local-.37-.18-.24----
Deferred Tax - Total-------3.922.07
Deferred Tax - Total1.21-.78.72-3.922.07
Income Tax - Total22.3514.4217.397.0414.02
Interest Cost - Foreign.
Service Cost - Foreign--.00.00.821.04
Other Pension, Net - Foreign.
Foreign Pension Plan Expense.
Defined Contribution Expense - Domestic2.402.102.302.402.50
Total Pension Expense2.872.613.103.393.64
Discount Rate - Foreign2.151.823.253.154.65
Compensation Rate - Foreign.001.751.751.751.75
Total Plan Interest Cost.
Total Plan Service Cost--.00.00.821.04
Total Plan Other Expense.
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