Dividend History

On September 20, 2007, we announced that our board of directors had approved the initiation of a quarterly cash dividend in the amount of $0.13 per share. On an annual basis, the cash dividend is expected to be $0.52 per share.

The declaration and payment of dividends is subject to the discretion of our board of directors, and will depend on our financial condition, results of operations, cash requirements, future prospects, and other factors deemed relevant by the board. There is no requirement or assurance that we will declare and pay any dividends.

If you have any questions concerning the status of your dividend checks, please contact our transfer agent, Mellon Investor Services LLC by phone at 866-892-5631 or through the internet at www.melloninvestor.com.

02/02/1802/16/18$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/03/1711/17/17$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/04/1708/18/17$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/05/1705/19/17$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/03/1702/17/17$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/04/1611/18/16$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/05/1608/19/16$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/06/1605/20/16$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/05/1602/19/16$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/06/1511/20/15$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/07/1508/21/15$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/01/1505/15/15$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/06/1502/20/15$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/07/1411/21/14$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/01/1408/15/14$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/02/1405/16/14$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/07/1402/21/14$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/01/1311/15/13$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/02/1308/16/13$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/03/1305/17/13$0.13Cash, quarterly
12/27/1212/31/12$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/02/1211/16/12$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/03/1208/17/12$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/04/1205/18/12$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/03/1202/17/12$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/04/1111/18/11$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/05/1108/19/11$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/06/1105/20/11$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/04/1102/18/11$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/05/1011/19/10$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/06/1008/20/10$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/07/1005/21/10$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/05/1002/19/10$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/06/0911/20/09$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/07/0908/21/09$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/01/0905/15/09$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/06/0902/20/09$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/07/0811/21/08$0.13Cash, quarterly
08/01/0808/15/08$0.13Cash, quarterly
05/02/0805/16/08$0.13Cash, quarterly
02/01/0802/15/08$0.13Cash, quarterly
11/02/0711/16/07$0.13Cash, quarterly

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