Investor Relations

Implant Sciences Corporation (IMSC: OTCBB) develops and commercializes explosives trace detection (ETD) solutions for transportation, critical infrastructure, and ports and borders security, as well as force protection and emergency response.

Founded in 1984, Implant Sciences has a rich history of developing leading technologies in several markets including: ion implantation services for the semiconductor industry; brachytherapy seeds for prostate cancer treatment; and sophisticate... More >>

Recent News

Implant Sciences Wins CATSA Order for 122 Explosives Trace Detectors
Implant Sciences Announces Worldwide Shipments of Over $5 Million
Implant Sciences to Present at Noble Financial Capital Market's 12th Annual Investor Conference
Implant Sciences Announces First Shipment of ETD Systems for U.S. Airport Deployment
Implant Sciences to Explore Strategic Options as Growing Security Needs for Soft Targets Drives Spending on Security Technologies
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