Corporate Governance

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Robert A. Livingston
President and Chief Executive Officer
Brad M. Cerepak
Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Thomas  Giacomini
President and Chief Executive Officer, Dover Industrial Products
Paul E. Goldberg
Treasurer & Director of Investor Relations
Raymond Hoglund
President & Chief Executive Officer, Dover Engineered Systems
Jay L. Kloosterboer
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
Raymond T. McKay
Vice President, Controller
James Moyle
Sr. Vice President, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain
Stephen R. Sellhausen
Sr. Vice President, Corporate Development
Joseph W. Schmidt
Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
William W. Spurgeon
President & Chief Executive Officer, Dover Fluid Management
David Van Loan
President & Chief Executive Officer, Dover Electronic Technologies
Michael-Yuepeng Zhang
President - Asia