Dividend Information

09/08/17$.07Cash, quarterly
07/03/17$.07Cash, quarterly
04/03/17$.14Cash, quarterly
01/03/17$.14Cash, quarterly
10/03/16$.14Cash, quarterly
07/01/16$.14Cash, quarterly
04/01/16$.14Cash, quarterly
01/04/16$.14Cash, monthly
10/01/15$.14Cash, monthly
07/01/15$.20Cash, monthly
04/01/15$.20Cash, monthly
01/02/15$.20Cash, monthly
10/01/14$.20Cash, monthly
07/01/14$.20Cash, monthly
04/01/14$.20Cash, monthly
01/02/14$.20Cash, monthly
10/01/13$.20Cash, monthly
07/01/13$.20Cash, monthly
04/01/13$.20Cash, monthly
01/02/13$.20Cash, monthly
10/01/12$.20Cash, monthly
07/02/12$.20Cash, monthly
04/02/12$.20Cash, monthly
01/03/12$.08Cash, monthly
10/03/11$.08Cash, monthly
07/01/11$.04Cash, monthly
04/01/11$.04Cash, monthly
01/03/11$.04Cash, monthly
10/01/10$.04Cash, monthly
07/01/10$.04Cash, monthly
04/01/10$.04Cash, monthly
01/04/10$.04Cash, monthly
10/01/09$.04Cash, monthly
07/01/09$.04Cash, monthly
04/01/09$.04Cash, monthly
01/02/09$.40Cash, monthly
10/01/08$.40Cash, monthly
07/01/08$.40Cash, monthly
04/01/08$.40Cash, monthly
01/02/08$.40Cash, monthly
10/01/07$.40Cash, monthly
07/02/07$.31Cash, monthly
04/02/07$.31Cash, monthly
01/02/07$.31Cash, monthly
10/02/06$.31Cash, monthly
07/03/06$.29Cash, monthly
04/03/06$.29Cash, monthly
01/03/06$.29Cash, monthly
10/03/05$.29Cash, monthly
07/01/05$.27Cash, monthly
04/01/05$.27Cash, monthly
01/03/05$.27Cash, monthly
10/01/04$.27Cash, monthly
07/01/04$.25Cash, monthly
04/01/04$.25Cash, monthly
01/02/04$.25Cash, monthly
10/01/03$.25Cash, monthly
07/01/03$.24Cash, monthly
04/01/03$.24Cash, monthly
01/02/03$.24Cash, monthly
10/01/02$.24Cash, monthly
07/01/02$.23Cash, monthly
04/01/02$.23Cash, monthly
01/02/02$.23Cash, monthly
10/01/01$.23Cash, monthly
07/02/01$.22Cash, monthly
04/02/01$.22Cash, monthly
01/02/01$.22Cash, monthly
10/02/00$.22Cash, monthly
07/03/00$.21Cash, monthly
04/03/00$.21Cash, monthly
01/03/00$.21Cash, monthly
10/01/99$.21Cash, monthly
07/01/99$.20Cash, monthly
04/01/99$.20Cash, monthly
01/04/99$.20Cash, monthly
10/01/98$.20Cash, monthly
07/01/98$.19Cash, monthly
04/01/98$.19Cash, monthly
01/02/98$.19Cash, monthly
10/01/97$.38Cash, monthly
07/01/97$.36Cash, monthly
04/01/97$.36Cash, monthly
01/02/97$.36Cash, monthly
10/01/96$.36Cash, monthly
07/01/96$.35Cash, monthly
04/01/96$.35Cash, monthly
01/02/96$.35Cash, monthly
10/02/95$.35Cash, monthly
07/01/95$.34Cash, monthly
04/01/95$.34Cash, monthly
01/03/95$.34Cash, monthly
$14.80|0.04 (0.27%)
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John Janedis, CFA
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Phone: 703-873-6222
E-mail: JJanedis@tegna.com

Shareholder Services

TEGNA shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol TGNA. The company’s transfer agent and registrar is Computershare. General inquiries and requests for enrollment materials should be directed to:

PO Box 505000,
Louisville KY 40233-5000
Phone: 800-778-3299