1.What is General Motors Company, and how is that different from General Motors Corporation?
 General Motors Company is the “new GM.” We were formed when Motors Liquidation Company (formerly named “General Motors Corporation”), used section 363 of the U.S. bankruptcy code to sell the strongest parts of its business to a new company, named “General Motors Company.” Our new company is built upon only the strongest parts of the “old GM” business – our employees; our best brands (Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC), and the plants and other hard assets that those brands rely on; the contracts we need to secure supplies and keep our business moving; and the equity in our domestic and global subsidiaries.

2.Is GM out of bankruptcy?
 Yes, all of GM’s continuing operations and assets are completely out of bankruptcy and are now operating as an independent and separate company called “General Motors Company”. This includes all operations that interact with customers.

3.Can I buy shares in General Motors Company? Will there be an initial public offering?
 There are currently no shares of General Motors Company for sale to the public. It will initially be owned by the U.S. Treasury, the governments of Canada and Ontario, the UAW VEBA and Motors Liquidation Company. We expect that shares of the General Motors Company will be publicly traded in the future, and this may involve an initial public offering. Also, as early as the first quarter of 2010, General Motors Company may be contractually required by its new stockholders to register their stock for sale to the public; however, we do not know when or if any of these stockholders will sell any of their shares.

4.What is Motors Liquidation Company?
 After it sold substantially all of its assets in the section 363 sale to General Motors Company, General Motors Corporation was renamed “Motors Liquidation Company.” For the operations, assets and liabilities that were not transferred to General Motors Company, the chapter 11 bankruptcy case will continue in order to resolve creditors’ claims and wind down those operations in an orderly way. Information about Motors Liquidation Company can be found on its website, http://www.motorsliquidation.com.

5.What happened to common stock, bonds and other securities previously issued by General Motors Corporation (now renamed “Motors Liquidation Company”)?
 All of the publicly owned stocks and bonds previously issued by General Motors Corporation are still securities of that company, but its name has been changed to Motors Liquidation Company. None of Motors Liquidation Company’s publicly owned stocks or bonds are or will become securities of General Motors Company, which is an independent separate company.