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LifeMap Sciences Announces Release of LifeMap DiscoveryTM Version 1.2 with Extensive Stem Cell Therapy Data

ALAMEDA, Calif., July 26, 2013 – LifeMap Sciences, Inc. announced today the release of LifeMap Discovery™ version 1.2 (discovery.lifemapsc.com) . LifeMap Discovery™ is a state-of-the-art roadmap of embryonic development and stem cell biology. The product integrates embryonic development and stem cell biology, molecular, cellular, anatomical, and disease-related information, and provides data-mining capabilities and bioinformatics applications. As such, it is a unique and powerful tool for research and discovery in multiple disciplines, including stem cell biology, developmental biology and disease mechanisms and etiology.

LifeMap Discovery™ is a key component in LifeMap's integrated database suite, a discovery platform for biomedical and stem cell research, which also includes GeneCards®, the leading human gene database, and MalaCards, the human disease database.

LifeMap Discovery™ version 1.2 new features and information include the following:

  • Extensive, detailed searchable information on more than 250 stem cell-based therapeutic approaches in research, preclinical, clinical stages, as well as marketed products. For most, we include information describing the cells used and relevant molecular data, delivery, formulation, dosing regimen and mechanism of action. Access to the complete data is available via a LifeMap Discovery™ Premium subscription.
  • Additional high-throughput gene expression links to MGI, GENSAT and Hudsen – complementing already existing information from Euroexpress, GUDMAP, Human Protein Atlas, Homer, Tiger, Barcode and experiments extracted from the literature and GEO, and establishes LifeMap Discovery™ as the leading gene expression source for embryonic development, mature cells and tissues. High throughput data is now provided by highlighting the top differentially expressed 100 genes linked to in vivo or in vitro cells based on a differentiated comparison of sample groups, with complete datasets available to researchers on request (see http://discovery.lifemapsc.com/gene-expression-signals/high-throughput. Gene expression search capabilities have been updated through the Gene Search functionality to allow easy access http://discovery.lifemapsc.com/gene-expression-signals/gene-search.
  • Additional links to commercially available bioreagents - including relevant links to recombinant proteins, and PureStem™ progenitors available from LifeMap BioReagents ™ (http://bioreagents.lifemapsc.com).
  • New embryonic development data – including the development of the dermis and updated information about early ectoderm and smooth muscle lineages.
  • Enhanced differentiation protocols – additional coverage for popular differentiation protocols including short descriptions and references.

"LifeMap Discovery™ version 1.2 provides enhanced features related to stem cell therapeutic development," said Ronit Shtrichman, Ph.D., MBA, Vice President of Biology at LifeMap Sciences. "This version includes substantially upgraded information about stem cells with potential therapeutic applications and stem cell differentiation protocols. It also enables researchers to identify genes specifically expressed during embryonic development and stem cells differentiation, providing the means to generate desired cell types for therapeutic applications."

"The extensive coverage of the stem cell therapy pipeline and high throughput gene expression data are significant steps forward in developing our premium model, and are of significant interest to companies developing cell-based therapies. Coupled with the commercial offering of recombinant proteins and PureStem™ progenitors, it is an important milestone for commercialization of the LifeMap Discovery™ platform," stated Yaron Guan-Golan, Head of Marketing at LifeMap Sciences.

About LifeMap Sciences, Inc.

LifeMap Sciences' (www.lifemapsc.com) core technology and business is based on the LifeMap Integrated Biomedical Knowledgebase, the discovery platform for biomedical and stem cell research. This web-based platform includes GeneCards®, the leading human gene compendium; LifeMap Discovery™, the embryonic development, stem cell research and regenerative medicine compendium; and MalaCards, the human disease compendium. According to Google Analytics, the sites have generated more than 2,000,000 unique visitors with more than 13,000,000 page views, from more than 3,000 universities, institutions and biomedical companies in the past 12 months.

Via LifeMap BioReagents™, LifeMap offers leading edge reagents to researchers in academia, research hospitals, and biotech and pharma companies. LifeMap is BioTime's principal marketing subsidiary for research products, including PureStem™ human progenitor cells, PureStem™ packages, clinical and research grade human embryonic stem cell (hES) lines, culture media, and cell differentiation kits. The eCommerce portal also offers select recombinant proteins, including growth factors, signaling molecules, differentiation factors, cytokines and chemokines that complement BioTime research product lines.

In therapeutic discovery collaboration with BioTime, LifeMap's scientists utilize the Integrated Biomedical Knowledgebase to aid in the development of BioTime's proprietary library of more than 200 PureStem™ human progenitor cell types into products for the treatment of human diseases, especially degenerative diseases that might be treatable with cell replacement therapies. A bioinformatics platform developed by LifeMap is used to select the PureStem™ cells that are most likely to be useful in developing cell-based regenerative medicine therapies for a wide range of diseases.

LifeMap Sciences, Inc.
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