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SEC Filings

BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 05/10/2018
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2. Basis of Presentation, Liquidity and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies


The unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements presented herein, and discussed below, have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the U.S. (“GAAP”) for interim financial information and with the instructions to Form 10-Q and Article 10 of Regulation S-X of the Securities Exchange Commission. In accordance with those rules and regulations certain information and footnote disclosures normally included in comprehensive consolidated financial statements have been condensed or omitted. The condensed consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2017 was derived from the audited consolidated financial statements at that date, but does not include all the information and footnotes required by GAAP. These condensed consolidated interim financial statements should be read in conjunction with the audited consolidated financial statements and notes thereto included in BioTime’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2017.


The accompanying interim condensed consolidated financial statements, in the opinion of management, include all adjustments, consisting only of normal recurring adjustments, necessary for a fair presentation of BioTime’s financial condition and results of operations. The condensed consolidated results of operations are not necessarily indicative of the results to be expected for any other interim period or for the entire year.


Principles of consolidation – BioTime’s condensed consolidated financial statements present the operating results of all of its wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries that it consolidates as required under GAAP. All material intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated in consolidation. BioTime consolidated Cell Cure Neurosciences, Ltd (“Cell Cure”), OrthoCyte Corporation (“OrthoCyte”), ES Cell International, Pte Ltd (“ESI”), BioTime Asia, Limited (“BioTime Asia”), AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. (“AgeX”), ReCyte Therapeutics, Inc. (“ReCyte”), LifeMap Sciences, Inc. (“LifeMap Sciences”) and LifeMap Sciences, Ltd., as BioTime has the ability to control their operating and financial decisions and policies through its stock ownership or representation on the board of directors, and the noncontrolling interest is reflected as a separate element of shareholders’ equity on BioTime’s condensed consolidated balance sheets.


Beginning on February 17, 2017 and May 13, 2016, respectively, OncoCyte and Asterias financial statements and results are no longer a part of BioTime’s condensed consolidated financial statements and results. The market value of OncoCyte and Asterias common stock, as of those respective dates, held by BioTime is now reflected on BioTime’s condensed consolidated balance sheet and the subsequent changes in the market value of those shares is reflected in BioTime’s condensed consolidated balance sheet and condensed consolidated statements of operations, allowing BioTime shareholders to evaluate the value of the respective OncoCyte and Asterias’ portion of BioTime’s business.


OncoCyte’s results are not included in BioTime’s condensed consolidated statements of operations for the three months ended March 31, 2018. BioTime’s condensed consolidated statements of operations for the three months ended March 31, 2017 include OncoCyte’s results for the period from January 1, 2017 through February 16, 2017, the day immediately preceding the OncoCyte Deconsolidation.


Liquidity – Since inception, BioTime has incurred significant operating losses and has funded its operations primarily through the issuance of equity securities, payments from research grants, royalties from product sales and sales of research products and services. At March 31, 2018, BioTime had an accumulated deficit of $279.4 million, working capital of $30.3 million and shareholders’ equity of $102.5 million. BioTime has evaluated its projected cash flows and believes that its cash, cash equivalents and marketable equity securities of $31.4 million at March 31, 2018 provide sufficient cash, cash equivalents, and liquidity to carry out BioTime’s current operations through at least twelve months from the issuance date of the condensed consolidated financial statements included in this Report. BioTime also holds shares of Asterias and OncoCyte common stock with a combined market value of $62.3 million at March 31, 2018. Although BioTime has no present plans to liquidate its holdings of Asterias or OncoCyte shares, if BioTime needs near term working capital or liquidity to supplement its cash and cash equivalents for its operations, BioTime may sell some, or all, of its Asterias or OncoCyte shares, as necessary.


BioTime’s projected cash flows are subject to various risks and uncertainties, and the unavailability or inadequacy of financing to meet future capital needs could force it to modify, curtail, delay, or suspend some or all aspects of its planned operations. BioTime’s determination as to when it will seek new financing and the amount of financing that it will need will be based on its evaluation of the progress it makes in its research and development programs, any changes to the scope and focus of those programs, and projection of future costs, revenues, and rates of expenditure. For example, clinical trials being conducted for its OpRegen® program will be funded in part with funds from grants and not from cash on hand. If BioTime were to lose grant funding or is unable to continue to provide working capital to the OpRegen® program, it may be required to delay, postpone, or cancel the clinical trials or limit the number of clinical trial sites, unless BioTime is able to obtain adequate financing from another source that could be used for the clinical trials. BioTime cannot assure that adequate financing will be available on favorable terms, if at all. Sales of additional equity securities by BioTime or its subsidiaries could result in the dilution of the interests of present shareholders.



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