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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 05/10/2018
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Revenue Recognition by Source and Geography. Revenues are recognized when control of the promised goods or services is transferred to customers, or in the case of governmental entities funding a grant, when allowable expenses are incurred, in an amount that reflects the consideration BioTime or a subsidiary, depending on which company has the customer or the grant, expects to be entitled to in exchange for those goods or services. See further discussion under Grant Revenues below.


The following table presents BioTime’s consolidated revenues disaggregated by source (in thousands).



Three Months Ended March 31,


   2018   2017 (1) 
Grant revenue  $326   $11 
Royalties from product sales and license fees   136    110 
Subscription and advertisement revenues   239    264 
Sale of research products and services   -    5 
Total revenues  $701   $390 


  (1) Amounts recognized prior to adoption of Topic 606 have not been adjusted under the Topic 606 modified retrospective transition method.


The following table presents consolidated revenues (in thousands), disaggregated by geography, based on the billing addresses of customers, or in the case of grant revenues based on where the governmental entities that fund the grant are located. See further discussion under Grant Revenues below.



Three Months Ended March 31,


   2018   2017 (1) 
United States  $507   $173 
Foreign   194    217 
Total revenues  $701   $390 


Research and development contracts with customers. In its agreements with customers, BioTime’s performance obligations of research and development are completed as services are performed and control passes to the customer, and accordingly revenues are recognized over time. BioTime generally receives a fee at the inception of an agreement, with variable fees, if any, tied to certain milestones, if achieved. BioTime estimates this variable consideration using a single most likely amount. Based on historical experience, there has been no variable consideration related to milestones included in the transaction price due to the significant uncertainty of achieving contract milestones and milestones not being met. If a milestone is met, subsequent changes in the single most likely amount may produce a different variable consideration, and BioTime will allocate any subsequent changes in the transaction price on the same basis as at contract inception. Amounts allocated to a satisfied performance obligation will be recognized as revenue in the period in which the transaction price changes with respect to variable consideration, which could result in a reduction of revenue. Contracts of this kind are typically for a term greater than one year. For the three months ended March 31, 2018 and 2017, BioTime recognized $77,000 for each respective quarter for such services included in the consolidated royalties from product sales and license fees. The aggregate amount of the transaction price, excluding payments related to any milestones, allocated to performance obligations that are unsatisfied, or partially unsatisfied, as of March 31, 2018 was $231,000, included in deferred revenues in the consolidated balance sheets. BioTime expects to recognize revenue of $77,000 per quarter through the year ending December 31, 2018. As of March 31, 2018, BioTime had not met any milestones that would require adjustment of the transaction price.


Royalties from product sales and license fees. BioTime’s performance obligations in agreements with certain customers is to provide a license to allow customers to make, import and sell company licensed products or methods for pre-clinical studies and commercial use. Customers pay a combination of a license issue fee paid up front and a sales-based royalty, if any, in some cases with yearly minimums. The transaction price is deemed to be the license issue fee stated in the contract. The license offered by BioTime is a functional license with significant standalone functionality and provides customers with the right to use BioTime’s intellectual property. This allows BioTime to recognize revenue on the license issue fee at a point in time at the beginning of the contract, which is when the customer begins to have use of the license. Variable consideration related to sales-based royalties is recognized only when (or as) the later of the following events occurs: (a) a sale or usage occurs, or (b) the performance obligation to which some, or all, of the sales-based or usage-based royalty has been allocated has been satisfied or partially satisfied. Due to the contract termination clauses, BioTime does not expect to receive all of the minimum royalty payments throughout the term of the agreements. Therefore, BioTime fully constrains recognition of the minimum royalty payments as revenues until its customers are obligated to pay, which is generally within 60 days prior to beginning of each year the minimum royalty payments are due.



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