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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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As between the Parties, all Intellectual Property developed by the Company under this Agreement in or outside the Field, solely or jointly with other third parties (other than Hadasit or, HMO) without the involvement of Hadasit or HMO or without the transfer of any proprietary materials of Hadasit (including but not limited to the Licensed Materials) to such third party shall be solely owned by the Company (the “Company IP”).

The Company shall notify Hadasit prior to the filing of any patent application covering the results of the Development Program, and shall provide Hadasit with a copy of the proposed application. A committee comprising of one representative of each Party shall be set up to determine the ownership rights of the Parties in each Licensed Patent and Joint Patent which the Company intends to register pursuant to Section 9.1 below, prior to filing, pursuant to the provisions of this Section 8.


As of the Effective Date, the [ * ] shall be solely responsible for the filing and prosecution of the Licensed Patents, and the maintenance of all the Licensed Patents and any challenge or opposition relating thereto, at its sole expense, after consultation with [ * ] with respect thereto. The [ * ] shall notify [ * ], upon its written request, of the status of such patenting activities. If [ * ] licenses to a third party, any of the Licensed Patents outside of the Field, then the Parties shall reach an amicable decision as to the equitable division of the ongoing related patent expenses after license has been granted to that third party.

Hadasit shall cooperate and shall cause the Researchers to cooperate with the Company and/or its representatives, at no additional direct payment by the Company to the Researchers for provision of this support, as long as no additional lab work is requested outside the scope of the Development Programs, with regard to the preparation, filing, prosecution and maintenance (as the case may be) of the Licensed Patents, including the disclosure to the Company of all relevant information with respect thereto and the execution of all documents which the Company and/or its representatives may request them to sign, from time to time, for the said purpose.

The Company shall maintain any patents or patent applications of the Licensed Patents pursuant to this Agreement at least in the following territories: United States of America, European Union, Australia, Canada, China, India & Israel, to the extent permitted by applicable law. After approval of any patent in the European Union the Company will validate and maintain such patent in at least the following countries, to the extent permitted by applicable law: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. If at any time during the Term the Company decides that it is undesirable, as to 1 (one) or more of the aforesaid territories, to prosecute or maintain any patents or patent applications within the Licensed Patents, it shall give at least [ * ] days written notice thereof to Hadasit, and upon the expiration of such [ * ] notice period (or such longer period specified in the Company's notice) the Company shall be released from its obligations to bear the expenses to be incurred thereafter as to such patent(s) or patent application(s). Thereafter, such patent(s) or application(s) shall be deleted from the Licensed Technology in such territory and Hadasit shall be free to grant any rights in and to such patents or patent applications in such territory to third parties, without further notice or obligation to the Company, and the Company shall have no rights whatsoever to exploit such Licensed Patents or patent applications in that territory. In case of Joint IP, the assignment mechanism described in Section 13.5 below shall apply per such territory.
[ * ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
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