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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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Hadasit hereby represents that HMO holds and maintains all of the required approvals from the MOH Ethics Committee with respect to the Licensed Materials as was required for the performance by Hadasit (directly or through HMO) of this Agreement, and as required for implementing the  New Product Development Agreement and the Current Development Program and  will act diligently to obtain such approval, if required, with regards to the fulfillment of any of its future obligations hereunder or thereunder. Copies of the approvals pursuant to which the Development Program has and is currently being carried out since inception are attached hereto as Annex H.  Hadasit hereby also represents that HMO holds all of the requisite informed consents signed by the patients on a form a sample of which is attached hereto as Annex I, and that it shall provide copies of consents signed by the patients and/or originals as required for NIH Registration or regulatory approvals, and as permitted under applicable law and in compliance with patient confidentiality requirements.

Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company undertakes that it shall be responsible for obtaining and causing to remain in effect, and shall comply with (and shall require that Sublicensees undertake to comply, directly vis-a-vis HMO, with), such licenses, permits, approvals, and consents, including any MOH Ethics Committee approval, as may be required for performance by the Company and/or Sublicensees of this Agreement, including, the development, manufacture, use and sale of the Licensed Products.

Hadasit shall procure that HMO shall give notification promptly after the transfer and/or supply of Licensed Materials  to the Company as provided herein, to: (i) the MOH Ethics Committee if and as required in any approval granted by it; and (ii) if and as required, the Committee monitoring stem cell research at HMO.

Company shall use its best efforts to obtain, maintain, cause to remain in effect (and shall, to the extent the Company deems necessary, employ at its expense a R&D coordinator to perform/coordinate these tasks, including responsibility for documentation and the procedures involved), and Company and Hadasit shall comply with, and shall procure the ongoing compliance with, by its representatives, and employees and (in the case of Hadasit), HMO and researchers at HMO, all licenses, permits, approvals and consents, including any additional MOH Ethics Committee approval and any  local and international accepted ethical guidelines (such as the ISSCR guidelines and the American Academy of Science guidelines, to the extent applicable) as may be required for the conduct of the Development Program.

Hadasit will be granted with a right to serve as a leading clinical site in Israel in Phase IIb and Phase III clinical trials in the Field at HMO, provided however that:

There is no regulatory hindrance to perform the clinical trial at HMO;

Hadasit matched the timetable and budget proposal for performing the clinical trial by a comparable institutional third party.
[ * ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
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