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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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In addition, your blood sample will be kept frozen for additional tests, if such tests will be needed in the future. However, the chances for that are very low. In any case, if your blood samples will need to be tested again, the hospital will reach out to you and explain you the reason for that and you will need to approve it. (Any such contact with you, will be after getting the approval of the Hospital’s Manager to such contact).

Your blood test results will be given to you.
Benefits of the experiment for you: None
Risks that are known from participating in the experiment: none
Circumstances when the experiment might terminated: if the child or the parents are not healthy.
The researcher might notify the participant with his test results after the participant decided to terminate his participation in the experiment. However, the blood test results will be provided to the participant anyways.
Explanation of substantive treatments (their benefits and risks): and any relevant information will be provided to the participant.
Other relevant information: Since the child cannot agree to participate in the experiment, you as the parent can agree to participate and to donate the umbilical cord to the experiment.

I declare that I agree to the terms above, and that understand all the terms above and I am giving an informed consent, from my free will. I declare that I received a copy of my informed consent, dated and signed.
By signing this document, I consent that the Initiator of the research, the medical institution, and the Helisinki Committee will have an access to my personal medical information. The access to this information will be made with respect, while maintaining my confidentiality. My medical information will be used only and only for the medical experiment.

[ * ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
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