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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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Since the goal is to use these stem cells in transplantations, you will go through a few medical tests and interviews similar to the tests that people do before giving a blood donation. In the interview you will be asked as to your medical history and family medical history. You will give a blood sample and the sample will be kept frozen. If there will be a need to test your blood again in the future, you will need to give a separate consent for that. The blood test results will be provided to you.

Duration- 1 hour or two hours, you will go through an interview and a blood sample will be taken.
The benefit to the participants in the experiment:
You will not get any financial compensation for the donation of the fetus.
The goal of the research is not to benefit you directly.
It is possible that the stem cells of your fetus will have an economical value in the market. You will not get any profit if somehow these cells will be sold.

The risks: none
Possible discomfort: Discomfort from giving a blood sample.
Relevant information:
Before you are giving you consent to participate in this experiment we want to highlight the following points:
Your consent or your refusal to participate in the study will have no impact on the medical treatment that you are getting.
The ethical claims that support the production of stem cells from a human embryos are:
The alternative to the donation will be the destruction of these frozen embryos. In addition, the regulations allow the destruction of the frozen embryos, after being frozen for more than five years (unless the parents asked otherwise).
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