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BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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The stem cells of a fetus have been produced by us successfully and by a few other scientists around the world. The stem cells of a fetus that exist today have been produced with the intention of being applied in studies and research and they are probably not suitable for treating patients.

The goal of the study is to produce new stem cells of a fetus, under new conditions that will enable the use of these cells in transplantation. The new stem cells of a fetus that will be produced will also be used to promote research and development of drugs beyond their possible usage in transplantations. The use of the stem cells will be done in accordance with the ethical rules.

The protocol of this research and the explanatory form that is used in the application for the donation of the fetuses were prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Israeli Bioethics Committee and in accordance with the ethical principles that were published by the NIH in 1999. The protocol of this research and the informed consent form for this research, were prepared with the approval of the Helsinki Committee for Genetic Experiments (and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health).

The candidates for the fetus donation are couples or women that their eggs were fertilized by an anonymous donor.

Only fertilized eggs and frozen embryos that were frozen 5 years ago or longer than that will be accepted. The donation will be accepted only after both spouses agreed to the donation (must be informed consent, from a free will).  If the embryos was created from a sperm donation, there will be need only for the woman’s informed consent.
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