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SEC Filings

BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2017
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The functional currency of Cell Cure is the Israeli New Shekel however the Convertible Notes are payable in United States dollars. Consequently, at each balance sheet date, Cell Cure remeasures the Convertible Notes issued to BioTime and other Cell Cure shareholders using the current exchange rate at that date pursuant to ASC 830, Foreign Currency Matters. These foreign currency remeasurement gains and losses are included in other income and expense, net. The Convertible Notes bear a stated interest rate of 3% per annum. The total outstanding principal balance of the Convertible Notes, with accrued interest, is due and payable on various maturity dates in July 2017 and September 2017, and in February 2019 through August 2019. The outstanding principal balance of the Convertible Notes with accrued interest is convertible into Cell Cure ordinary shares at a fixed conversion price of $20.00 per share, at the election of the holder, at any time prior to maturity. Any conversion of the Convertible Notes must be settled with Cell Cure ordinary shares and not with cash. The conversion feature of the Convertible Notes issued is not accounted for as an embedded derivative under the provisions of ASC 815, Derivatives and Hedging since it is not a freestanding financial instrument and the underlying Cell Cure ordinary shares are not readily convertible into cash. Accordingly, the Convertible Notes are accounted for under ASC 470-20, Debt with Conversion and Other Options (ASC 470-20). Under ASC 470-20, BioTime determined that a beneficial conversion feature (“BCF”) was present on the issuance dates of the Convertible Notes. A conversion feature is beneficial if, on the issuance dates, the effective conversion price is less than the fair value of the issuer’s capital stock. Since the effective conversion price of $20.00 per share is less than the estimated range of fair values from $28.00 per share to $40.00 per share of Cell Cure ordinary shares on the dates the Convertible Notes were issued, a beneficial conversion feature, equal to the intrinsic value ranging from $8 per share to $20 per share, is present. In accordance with ASC 470-20-30-8, if the intrinsic value of the BCF is greater than the proceeds allocated to the convertible instrument, the amount of the discount assigned to the BCF is limited to the amount of the proceeds allocated to the convertible instrument. The BCF is recorded as an addition to equity with a corresponding debt discount on the Convertible Notes’ issuance date. This debt discount is amortized to interest expense using the effective interest method over the three-year term of the debt, representing an approximate effective annual interest rate between 11% and 23%.

As of June 30, 2017, certain tranches of the Convertible Notes had matured and were due and payable to Cell Cure shareholders other than BioTime. However, as further discussed in Note 14, on July 10, 2017, BioTime purchased all of the outstanding Convertible Notes held by Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd. (“HBL”), a Cell Cure shareholder that held substantially all of the Convertible Notes issued by Cell Cure to shareholders other than BioTime. On the same date, BioTime also purchased all of the Cell Cure ordinary shares held by HBL and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and as of that date BioTime held 99.8% of the issued and outstanding Cell Cure ordinary shares.

Shared Facilities and Service Agreements with Affiliates

The receivables from affiliates shown on the condensed consolidated balance sheet as of June 30, 2017 primarily represents amounts owed to BioTime from OncoCyte under a Shared Facilities and Service Agreement (the “Shared Facilities Agreement”). Under the terms of the Shared Facilities Agreement, BioTime allows OncoCyte to use BioTime’s premises and equipment located at Alameda, California for the sole purpose of conducting business. BioTime also provides accounting, billing, bookkeeping, payroll, treasury, payment of accounts payable, and other similar administrative services to OncoCyte. BioTime may also provide the services of attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who may also provide professional services to BioTime and its other subsidiaries. BioTime also has provided OncoCyte with the services of laboratory and research personnel, including BioTime employees and contractors, for the performance of research and development work for OncoCyte at the premises.

BioTime charges OncoCyte a “Use Fee” for services provided and usage of BioTime facilities, equipment, and supplies. For each billing period, BioTime prorates and allocates to OncoCyte costs incurred, including costs for services of BioTime employees and use of equipment, insurance, leased space, professional services, software licenses, supplies and utilities. The allocation of costs depends on key cost drivers, including actual documented use, square footage of facilities used, time spent, costs incurred by BioTime for OncoCyte, or upon proportionate usage by BioTime and OncoCyte, as reasonably estimated by BioTime. BioTime, at its discretion, has the right to charge OncoCyte a 5% markup on such allocated costs although BioTime elected not to charge this markup from the inception of the Shared Facilities Agreement through December 31, 2015. For allocated costs incurred beginning on January 1, 2016, BioTime is charging the 5% markup. The allocated cost of BioTime employees and contractors who provide services is based upon records maintained of the number of hours of such personnel devoted to the performance of services.

The Use Fee is determined and invoiced to OncoCyte on a quarterly basis for each calendar quarter of each calendar year. If the Shared Facilities Agreement terminates prior to the last day of a billing period, the Use Fee will be determined for the number of days in the billing period elapsed prior to the termination of the Shared Facilities Agreement. Each invoice will be payable in full by OncoCyte within 30 days after receipt. Any invoice, or portion thereof, not paid in full when due will bear interest at the rate of 15% per annum until paid, unless the failure to make a payment is due to any inaction or delay in making a payment by BioTime employees from OncoCyte funds available for such purpose, rather than from the unavailability of sufficient funds legally available for payment or from an act, omission, or delay by any employee or agent of OncoCyte. Through June 30, 2017, BioTime has not charged OncoCyte any interest.

In addition to the Use Fees, OncoCyte will reimburse BioTime for any out of pocket costs incurred by BioTime for the purchase of office supplies, laboratory supplies, and other goods and materials and services for the account or use of OncoCyte, provided that invoices documenting such costs are delivered to OncoCyte with each invoice for the Use Fee. BioTime will have no obligation to purchase or acquire any office supplies or other goods and materials or any services for OncoCyte, and if any such supplies, goods, materials or services are obtained for OncoCyte, BioTime may arrange for the suppliers to invoice OncoCyte directly.

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