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SEC Filings

BIOTIME INC filed this Form 10-K/A on 03/29/2017
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Advance payments for research and development services to be performed by Catapult are deferred and recognized as research and development expense ratably as the services are performed.  Advance payments related to licenses will be expensed when paid due to the experimental nature of the project.  Pursuant to the Services Agreement, if there are any issued, but unsold Asterias stock, to Catapult for payment of services and the 60-day put right has not expired as of the period end being reported on, Asterias will present that amount as “temporary” equity in accordance with ASC 480-10-S99.  Once the put right expires or the shares are sold by Catapult, the temporary equity amount will be reclassified by Asterias to permanent equity without adjustment to the carrying value of the stock.

During 2016 and 2015, pursuant to the Services Agreement, Asterias issued 218,520 shares and 96,000 shares, respectively of Asterias Series A common stock with a fair value of $922,000 and $486,000, respectively Catapult to pay for services in lieu of cash.

Royalty Agreement with Geron

In connection with our acquisition of Geron’s stem cell assets, Asterias entered into a royalty agreement with Geron (the “Royalty Agreement”) pursuant to which Asterias agreed to pay Geron a 4% royalty on net sales (as defined in the Royalty Agreement), by Asterias or any of its affiliates or sales agents, of any products that Asterias develops and commercializes that are covered by the patents Geron contributed to Asterias. In the case of sales of such products by a person other than Asterias or one of its affiliates or sales agents, Asterias will be required to pay Geron 50% of all royalties and cash payments received by Asterias or by its affiliate in respect of a product sale. Royalty payments will be subject to proration in the event that a product covered by a patent acquired from Geron is sold in combination with another product that is not covered by a patent acquired from Geron. The Royalty Agreement will terminate at the expiration or termination date of the last issued patent contributed by Geron under the Royalty Agreement. Asterias estimates that the latest patent expiration date will be in 2032.

Asterias License from WARF

Asterias has entered into a Non-Exclusive License Agreement with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (“WARF”) under which Asterias was granted a worldwide non-exclusive license under certain WARF patents and WARF-owned embryonic stem cell lines to develop and commercialize therapeutic, diagnostic and research products.

In consideration of the rights licensed, Asterias has agreed to pay WARF an upfront license fee, payments upon the attainment of specified clinical development milestones, royalties on sales of commercialized products, and, subject to certain exclusions, a percentage of any payments that Asterias may receive from any sublicenses that it may grant to use the licensed patents or stem cell lines.

The license agreement will terminate with respect to licensed patents upon the expiration of the last licensed patent to expire. Asterias may terminate the license agreement at any time by giving WARF prior written notice. WARF may terminate the license agreement if payments of earned royalties, once begun, cease for a specified period of time or if Asterias and any third parties collaborating or cooperating with Asterias in the development of products using the licensed patents or stem cell lines fail to spend a specified minimum amount on research and development of products relating to the licensed patents or stem cell lines for a specified period of time. WARF also has the right to terminate the license agreement if Asterias breaches the license agreement or becomes bankrupt or insolvent or if any of the licensed patents or stem cell lines are offered to creditors. The payments to WARF were a recurring $25,000 license maintenance fee for each of the years 2016, 2015 and 2014.

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