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AMSURG CORP filed this Form S-8 on 12/11/1997
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                 (iii)    To prescribe the terms and provisions of each option
            granted (which need not be identical).

                 (iv)     To amend the Plan as provided herein.

                 (v)      Generally, to exercise such powers and to perform
            such acts as are deemed necessary or expedient to promote the best
            interests of the Company.

                 (c)      The Board, by resolution, may delegate administration
of the Plan (including, without limitation, the Board's powers under
subparagraph 2(b)) to a Committee composed of not less than two (2) members,
which committee, upon such time as the Company has a class of equity security
registered under Section 12 of the Exchange Act, will be constituted so as to
permit the Plan to comply with Rule 16b-3 thereunder.  If administration is
delegated to a Committee, the Committee shall have, in connection with the
administration of the Plan, the powers theretofore possessed by the Board,
subject, however, to such constraints, not inconsistent with the provisions of
the Plan, as may be adopted from time to time by the Board.  The Board at any
time may remove members from or add members to the Committee or may abolish the
Committee and revest in the Board the administration of the Plan.  Vacancies on
the Committee, howsoever caused, shall be filled by the Board.

                 (d)      The interpretation and construction by the Board of
any provisions of the Plan or of any option granted under it shall be final,
and the interpretation or construction by any Committee appointed pursuant to
subparagraph 2(c) of any such provisions or option shall also, unless otherwise
determined by the Board, be final.  No member of such Committee or of the Board
shall be liable for any action or determination made in good faith with respect
to the Plan or any option granted under it.

        3.       Eligible Employees.  The Board or the Committee shall
determine from time to time those officers and key employees of the Company
and its subsidiaries to whom options shall be granted and, pursuant to the
provisions of the Plan, the amount thereof and the terms and conditions,
including requirements as to continued employment by the participant, upon
which such options or rights are granted and are exercisable.  Directors of
the Company who are not also employees of the Company or its subsidiaries
shall not be eligible to participate in the Plan.

         4.      The Stock.  The stock subject to the options and other
provisions of the Plan shall be shares of the Company's authorized and unissued
Common Stock, no par value, or reacquired Common Stock held in the treasury.
The total number of shares of the Company's Common Stock that may be
transferred pursuant to the exercise of stock options under the Plan shall not
exceed in the aggregate 1,532,000 shares.  Shares subject to options which
terminate or expire prior to exercise shall be available for further option

       Each option granted under this Plan shall be subject to the requirement
that if at any time the Board or the Committee shall determine that the
listing, registration or qualification of the shares subject thereto upon any
securities exchange or under any state or Federal law, or the